Rainier Beer 2020 Tabs For Good Benefits Pacific Northwest Wilderness Initiatives

SEATTLE, Wash. (January 16, 2020) – In the rapidly urbanizing Pacific Northwest of 2020, the native population of Wild Rainiers is being threatened like never before. This year Rainier is partnering with three of the Pacific Northwest’s prominent outdoor-focused non-profits to unite people from around the region to fight this troubling trend and do some good for the wild place we all call home.

Here’s how everyone can help. Through March, the tabs on Rainier cans everywhere are turning red. Collecting and donating those at rainiertabsforgood.com will help support Rainier’s “Tabs for Good” non-profit partners who are actively out there preserving the wilderness in which the Wild Rainiers thrive: The Pacific Northwest Trail Association, Protect Our Winters, and Conservation Northwest. At the website, tab collectors can select the group of their choice and make a virtual donation via the UPC code found on any red-tabbed Rainier can or specially marked box. There’s also a mailing address for those who prefer to collect and donate their physical tabs.

“The important work these three groups are doing is vital to ensuring the survival of the Wild Rainiers,” said Rainier spokesperson Sean McKillop. “Playing in the wild is central to what Rainier stands for, and ’Tabs for Good’ is our way to help the people of the PNW protect our home from wherever they are – whether that’s actually out in the wild, from the bow of a boat on Lake Washington, or from a stool in your favorite tavern.”

Each non-profit group has defined a key organizational initiative that will be funded when it receives the 100,000 tab donation goal. The Pacific Northwest Trail Association will use the donation to maintain 20 wilderness miles of the Pacific Northwest Trail. Protect Our Winters will help train and send 50 winter athletes to Washington DC to gain access to decision makers and address the threat that warming winters present to the winter sports industry and the outdoor recreation economy in the United States. And Conservation Northwest will support the restoration of 2,000 acres of public forest lands between Mount Rainier National Park and the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

“Working with an iconic brand like Rainier who truly shares our values is huge for us and for the region,” said Chase Gunnell, Communications Director at Conservation Northwest. “With the donation generated by ‘Tabs for Good’, our team will be able to restore wild areas popular with outdoor enthusiasts and vital for the recovery of wolves, wolverines, salmon…and of course, the Wild Rainiers.”

Complete details on the program and these important non-profit initiatives is at http://rainiertabsforgood.com. The site also features a real-time Leaderboard highlighting everyone that makes a tab donation and tracking which initiative has received the most donations so far.

So, for the sake of the Wild Rainiers and the wild places they call home, get out there, drink some Rainier Beer, collect the red tabs, and do some good.

Rainier Beer Tabs For Good Process