Oskar Blues Brewery Releases Throwback 15-Pack To Celebrate 20 Years Of Dale’s Pale Ale

The Throwback Pack Features All Three Can Designs From The Twenty Year History Of Dale’s Pale Ale
The Throwback Pack Features All Three Can Designs From The Twenty Year History Of Dale’s Pale Ale

This year marks the 20th anniversary for Dale’s Pale Ale, a craft beer named after Dale Katechis that helped change the way craft beer is packaged and delivered to its fans. Oskar Blues Brewery took a chance back in 2002 when it introduced its hop forward Pale Ale and packaged it in 12oz cans. At the time, bottles reigned supreme.

Earlier this year, Oskar Blues celebrated this 20 year milestone by releasing Double Dale’s Imperial IPA. Now 9 months later, Oskar Blues honors its Dale’s Pale Ale with the Dale’s Pale Ale Throwback 15-Ppck. This limited release 15-pack includes all three legendary can designs from twenty years of cracking open a Dale’s. This pack includes the original can from that fateful November day in 2002 when a brewpub in Lyons, Colorado upended the craft beer industry by canning a beer.

Dale’s Pale Ale is known across the world as the beer that started it all, paving the way for many beers to come. Throughout its twenty-year run, this trailblazing beer has only sported three can designs and the limited-edition Throwback 15-Pack includes them all:

  • The Original (2002-2004):The can that started it all. The exact origin of this hand-drawn artwork remains mysterious. It features major natural landmarks viewable from the brewery’s original hometown of Lyons, ColoRADo – two 14,000+ ft Rocky Mountain peaks (Longs Peak and Meeker Peak) and the St. Vrain River. The stonework is a callback to the exterior of the Oskar Blues Brewpub.
  • The Classic (2004-2019):The longest running can design for Dale’s Pale Ale. The direction from brewery founder Dale Katechis was simple – make it look like a red, white and blue football helmet. Certain elements are carried forward from the original design (the oval, the typeface, the mountains) but the bold colors, stars and stripes, and clean lines give it a distinctly AmeriCAN look.
  • The FNG (2020-2022):The latest evolution of Dale’s Pale Ale can design. Debuting in 2020, this art is stripped down and no nonsense. The oval remains but an even cleaner, bolder typeface improves the legibility of the brand. The brewery logo was updated and is centered on a ‘championship belt’ of stars and stripes at the bottom.

To celebrate this momentous 20th CANiversary, Oskar Blues is hosting parties at their Longmont, Colorado and Brevard, North Carolina taprooms.

The Dale’s Pale Ale Throwback 15-pack of 12 oz. cans will be available for a limited time only. Find it on shelves nationwide starting now.