2017 Craft Beer Holiday Gift Guide

The countdown is on until the holidays and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the beer drinker we have you covered. We have searched, been presented with products and have even tried them out for good measure. Here is our 2017 Craft Beer Holiday Gift Guide.

The Germany edition of Beer Cap Maps.

Beer Cap Maps

Collecting beer caps is made easier with Beer Cap Maps, a 1/4-inch thick plywood with holes sized to snugly hold bottle caps. Developed by two friends from Madison, Wisconsin, Beer Cap Maps allows one to collect beer caps to be displayed in a beautiful looking plywood map of a state or country.

Beer Cap Map – This massive collection of various maps of the entire United States or for any individual state are a great way to show off  your specific collection of bottle caps. There are also maps of many countries that are well known for its beer. We have the German edition that keeps us collecting various German bottle caps. If you don’t like the wood versions there are also Metal Maps that are now on sale at 40% off.

image courtesy of Beer Cap Maps

Beer Can Map – Inspired by the trend of artistic beer cans, these hybrid cap-can maps give you the ability to suspend up to sixteen 12 or 16 oz. cans in their traditional USA map.

USA Puzzle Map – This updated map is perfect for the ultimate beer lover! This 48 piece map fits together like a puzzle, allowing you to create a massive 8 foot wide masterpiece that boasts 979 holes for caps. Each state has at least two hanging holes and has the state name etched. You can purchase the regions individually if you prefer to celebrate beers near you or can’t commit to the size or price of the whole USA.

In Your Face Crownhole Boards – Which board are you? These personalized boards based on different personalities, from preppy to hipster, are the perfect product for every guy who loves a good drinking game. Bounce the caps into your face for 3 or land them on the board for 1. These make a great gift for dad or your favorite bearded or non-bearded loved one. Crownhole turns your caps into playing pieces for the addictive game that combines the luck and skill of cornhole and quarters. The boards are durable and portable making them a perfect part of your next picnic, party or happy hour.

image of Samuel Adams Cigars courtesy of Boston Beer Co.

Samuel Adams Liberty Cigars

Boston Beer, brewers of Samuel Adams have partnered with TedsCigars.com to bring you the Samuel Adams Holiday 3-Pack. Designed to pair perfectly with Samuel Adams Winter Lager, White Christmas and Chocolate Bock, this specially produced cigar pack is available exclusively at TedsCigars.com for $34.95.

Samuel Adams Winter Lager-Seasoned Cigar:
This cigar’s creamy smoke from the Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper complement Winter Lager’s seasonal spices of orange, cinnamon and ginger and malt-forward taste.

Samuel Adams White Christmas-Seasoned Cigar:
Made with an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper, longleaf Ecuadorian Sumatra binder and filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic, this mild to medium bodied cigar blends seamlessly with the wheat, nutmeg spice and cinnamon notes imparted by Samuel Adams White Christmas.

Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock-Seasoned Cigar:
This tobacco blend provides a mild to medium body with smooth, creamy and slightly nutty taste that pairs well with the flavors of Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, which includes hints of dark chocolate with a touch of fruit, nuts and roasted coffee.

image courtesy of Shirts of Tap

Shirts On Tap

Late last year we previewed Shirts on Tap when a few months after its launch and when the San Diego based company began working with Portland breweries. Now they work with breweries from San Diego, Seattle, Denver, and Dallas with a monthly brewery shirt club. In Spring of 2018 it will add Chicago to its list of cities.

For only $18.00 per month you can receive a new brewery t-shirt from one of the five cities. You can even change up your city each month. And since our review of Shirts on Tap the company now offers a few other items such as long sleeve shirts, hoodies and tank tops, any of which can be subbed out at any time. For the month of December 2017, Shirts on Tap features Level Beer for its Portland brewery of the month.

Bend Brew Daddy’s Oregon BrewCalendar 2017-2018

When it comes to beer photography, or beertography, one of Oregon’s finest is Matthew Ward, aka Bend Brew Daddy. Once again he is offering up his professionally created Oregon BrewCalendar for only $15.00 each.

In the 2018 Oregon BrewCalendar he features the following 15 breweries – Boneyard Beer, Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, Wild Ride Brew, Sunriver Brewing Company, Crux Fermentation Project, Block 15 Brewing Company, Breakside Brewery, Claim 52 Brewing, Deschutes Brewery, Silver Moon Brewing, Pfriem Family Brewers, Fort George Brewery, Barley Brown’s Brewery, de Garde Brewing, and Great Notion Brewing.

Trinken Ultimate Stealth Beer Koozie

A cease and desist letter from Solo Cup did not deter the founders of the Trinken Stealth Beer Koozie. Designed to look like a disposable coffee container, this beer koozie will keep your buzz going all day long. Trinken offers lids and cups in sizes to hold a 12oz can or a 16oz tall boy. Can lids begin at $11.49 each. The Canadian company also produces other alcohol related items that are fun, yet useful.

image courtesy of GrogTag


When homebrewing the ease and ability in creating a professional looking label can be a challenge. This is where GrogTag can help out as it offers professionally produced beer labels, tap handles, keg collars, bottle caps and more all for the homebrewer.

image of 120 Beers You Have To Try courtesy of Follygraph

120 Beer You Have To Try Print

From Follygraph it’s a new print that features 120 Beers You Have To Try. This poster contains the most divine, truly remarkable beers from all over the world. You can find here not only absolutely amazing, high-rated beers, but also the extraordinary ones. Beers include the most classical American, German, British, Czech and Belgian beer.

This poster is a full compendium of 120 beers that includes a brand name, color, bottle, adequate glassware, ABV (alcohol by volume), and beer styles classification.

Printed on exquisite wood-free archival paper Arctic Volume White (coated 200gsm) using offset lithographic press. This FSC™ – The mark of responsible forestry and PEFC certified paper is also age resistant (ISO 9706). Size A2 (16.5 x 23.5 inches) Each print is signed and numbered by the artist. This is a limited edition run of 1000 prints at $29.00 each.

image of Multnomah Whiskey Library Passport Wallet

Multnomah Whiskey Library Passport Wallet

The Multnomah Whiskey Library passport travel wallet is guaranteed to become your favorite travel companion. Made in collaboration with Tanner Goods, this wallet allows for storage of a notebook on one side and a passport on the other with niches as plane tickets, credit cards and cash.

Made from hearty yet supple English leather, this accessory is equally at home globe-trotting, back-packing, exploring or gallivanting. Each piece is burnished, waxed and stamped by hand. The MWL Wallet is available in Mahogany at $125.00 each.

image courtesy of HydroFlask

HydroFlask 10oz Rocks Tumbler

Bend based HydroFlask has recently introduced a new 10 ounce Rocks Tumbler. This new smaller size-serving vessel is perfect for cocktails that you want to stay cold or ones that you prefer to keep warm at $29.95 each.

The 10 oz Hydro Flask Rocks is perfect for a three-finger pour or any slow sipping refreshment. The Rocks features a beveled bottom for a comfortable hold, as well as Hydro Flask’s TempShield insulation to ensure that any favorite drink will stay cool for hours. The Rocks is also available with a Honeycomb Insulated press-in lid to reduce spills and keep your drink at the ideal temperature for hours.

image courtesy of Tavour


Craft beer delivered directly to your door from Tavour. This Seattle based beer delivery service is also offering up a few Gift Boxes for the holiday season that can be found on its new gift site!

We profiled Tavour one year ago and were impressed with its service and extensive out of market beer offerings. Tavour works directly with breweries to bring the world’s best independent beer right to the doorsteps of craft fans across the country. When using the Tavour Mobile App you can select beers that you want in your next shipment all for a flat shipping fee of $14.90.

33 Books

Dave Selden, founder and head janitor at 33 Books, continues to expand with new products in his 33 Tasting Journals. There’s the standard 33 Bottles of Beer but there are now journals for tasting Bourbon, Coffee, Tea, Cheese, Oysters, Hot Sauce, and more all with Selden’s “Flavor Wheel”. This is an excellent way to keep track of your favorite beverage or now condiment.

But 33 Books is more than just Tasting Journals as it also produces Maps, Powered By Gluten T-Shirts, and Tasting Sets for Bourbon and more. If you’re in a last minute rush you can always check out the 33 Books Vending Machine inside the Cider Riot! Pub in Southeast Portland.

A Year of Good Beer Page-A-Day Calendar 2018

From the publisher of The Beer Bible, Workman Publishing comes 365 days of beer! A Year of Good Beer Page-A-Day Calendar is a beer lover’s dream! This 365 page beer calendar features craft beer reviews, trivia, food-pairing tips, to recipes and tasting notes for beers around the world. Each day of the year gets its own peel-off page that offers insights, facts, pairings, tasting notes, reviews, or other anecdotes of interest. A Year of Good Beer Page-A-Day Calendar 2018 is $14.99 each.

Twang – The Beer Lover Party Bucket

When it comes to shopping for the casual beer drinker Beer Salt can be the perfect gift. Beer salt is rooted in the Latin tradition of adding citrus and salt to beer by dressing the rim of the longneck bottle or the beer glass, similar to what is done for some cocktails such as a Bloody Mary.

Twang, the Texas-based family-owned and operated manufacturer of beer salt offers The Beer Lover Party Bucket. This tub comes complete with items like Twang pocket-sized beer salts which add a burst of flavor to a cold mug to a steel bottle opener, everything is packaged together in one and available to ship nationally for $39.00 each.

The Beer Lover Party Bucket includes 1 Twang T- Shirt, 2 Holster Koozies that carry Twang Beersalt, 8 Beer Salt Longnecks – 2 Lime, 2 Lemon-Lime, 2 Michelada, 2 Hot Lime, 1 Twang Beer Salt Steel Bottle Opener, 2 Beer Salt Drink Glasses, and 1 Twang Beer Salt bucket to keep your drinks cool.