Ca’Lefort Debuts its 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator

A stocked Ca’Lefort 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator.

Keeping your beers properly chilled is the best method to appropriately store and serve craft beer. One way to obtain this proper space is with the new Ca’Lefort 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator.

There is a plethora of beverage refrigerators in the marketplace, but ones with multiple cooling settings and a UV protective clear glass door are what we find to be ideal. For the past few weeks we have been trying out a new beverage refrigerator from Ca’Lefort and have had an enjoyable experience.

The Ca’Lefort 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator arrived via FedEx to our doorstep and was very easy to maneuver and unpack. When fully loaded, this 3.1 Cu. Ft. beverage fridge is said to hold 121 12-ounce cans. We took Ca’Lefort’s word on this as we had other plans for this fridge to stock more than just 12-ounce cans.

After taking the beverage fridge out of the box and finding the easy-to-understand directions, we plugged the Ca’Lefort into the wall outlet and set the temperature setting to one of five push button settings for an ambient temperature from 38°F – 68°F.

With our temperature set for the coldest setting, we then arranged the black coated wire shelves. These shelves were spaced to hold 12-ounce, 16-ounce and 500mL bottles of a variety of beers. After what we felt was confidently maximizing the space for this arrangement we let the beverage fridge do its job.

The Ca’Lefort 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator uses a powerful compressor that chills your beverages quickly and keeps a steady temperature. We were impressed at how quiet this compressor is when it is operating. After using a few other beverage fridges, the Ca’Lefort is the quietest one we have had the pleasure of using. It is stated that this compressor operates at less than 38db on an average draw of 1.3A.

The arrival of the Ca’Lefort 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator.
The Ca’Lefort 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator can hold up to 121 12oz cans. We use our new one for a variety of can and bottle sizes.

As an added bonus, the Ca’Lefort offers a nice appearance. The sides and top are a nice black that is accented by stainless steel trim the outlines the clear glass door. UV light is blocked by the double-paned glass door, which keeps wine and beer from going bad.

Then to see a bit better inside the glass door beverage fridge, it arrives with an interior blue light that provides nice ambient lighting. This light can be manually turned on or off as it does not turn on and off with the door opening and closing like your normal kitchen refrigerator. And there is no need to worry about freezing your beverages as the fridge contains an auto-defrost feature.

The Ca’Lefort 121 Can Beverage Refrigerator retails at $339.99 with an opportunity to save 15%. It is perfect for your bar, living room, home office or outdoor living space. With fast and free shipping, 30-day easy return and a 12-month warranty, Ca’Lefort offers beverage refrigerators that offers cooling of 65 cans to 220 cans and will soon become a household name in the beverage fridge space.

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