105.9 "The Brew"

A new classic rock radio station has emerged in the Portland, Oregon market named The Brew.” Not really having much to do with craft beer, or beer in general, the station at 105.9 on the FM dial, evokes beer imagery to evoke a laid back metaphorical connection to the slacker beer drinking masses. Featuring a range of 1970s to 1990s rock, “The Brew” aka KQOL, is defined by a range of cheesy yet enjoyable hair bands, power ballads, and sure shot all American rock n’ roll favorites.

With sound effects of beer being opened and glugging into a glass, the gimmicky station occasionally interludes with “Drunk dials” where local dudes and dudettes give testimonials of how great the station is. Other promo items include a “Micro Brew sampler” where snippets of featured tracks on the station are unveiled. At the end of the hook laden ditties, a typical FM deejay encourages you to “Drink ’em all.”

The website is all that you’d expect from a local formulaic rock channel, with weird news clips and scantily clad females (“Babe of the Day”). There is a link to a sign up for “The Brew Crew”, which is sadly just an email list to get you in line with the station’s national affiliates.

In total, “The Brew is nothing new or innovative, and is basically the same as every other mainstream classic rock station anywhere nationwide, with the exception of it being commercial free and promising 10,000 in a row, nonstop.

All and all, the station is enjoyable, but a far cry from how cool a station with its name could be in a market like Portland’s. Beer geeks might find themselves a little offended by the lack of craft beer culture exhibited by “The Brew” but the Barney Gumbles drinkers and Otto Man stoners should surely dig it. If you want real craft beer radio, check out Beer O’Clock with Lisa MorrisonCraft Brew Cast with Christine Jump, or Drinking with Daren on the Cort and Fatboy Show.

To check out “The Brew”‘s website, visit http://www.kqol.com/


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