Baerlic Brewing Hosts Day of the Baer Anniversary Beer Fest

Day of the Baer digital poster

Baerlic Brewing Company officially proclaims the last Saturday in June the Day of the Baer! On Saturday, June 27th, from Noon to 8:00pm, Baerlic will be pouring over 30 Baerlic year-round, seasonal, experimental, barrel-aged, infused, collaboration and cask beers in celebration of our first year in operation! All attendees will receive a Day of the Baer commemorative tulip glass with 10 taster tickets. Beers will be rotating on 22 taps throughout the day joined by Urban German, Taqueria La Merced, Steve Temple Photography dedicated to his grandfather’s life of woodworking, DJ Short Change spinning on the brew deck, and good old-fashioned fun!

Baerlic’s Day of the Baer Beer List (rotating throughout the day on 22 taps):

  1. Apolis Ciderweiss (Collab w/ Reverend Nat’s)
  2. Baerweiser Beechwood-Aged American Cream Ale
  3. Brett Trois IPA
  4. CASK: Cavalier Cream Ale dryhopped with Amarillo
  5. CASK: Cavalier Cream Ale dryhopped with Centennial
  6. CASK: Ultimate Super Berry (schisandra beery)
  7. Cavalier Classic Cream Ale
  8. Cream Ala Paradisi Grapefruit Radler
  9. Dark Buffalo Belgo American Amber
  10. Delight Belgian Blonde Ale
  11. Dougie Fresh Douglas Fir-Aged IPA
  12. Eastside Oatmeal Pilsner
  13. Eighty-Bob Scottish Export Ale
  14. Everlight Citra & Amarillo Saison
  15. Grandpa’s Breakfast Bourbon & Cocoa Nib Stout
  16. Halewijn Belgian Golden Strong Ale
  17. Hanged Man Session Cascadian Dark Ale
  18. Iniquitous Imperial Stout
  19. Invincible IPA
  20. Nice & Easy Salted Oat Gose
  21. Noble Oatmeal Stout
  22. Old Blood and Guts Barleywine
  23. Primeval Hoppy Brown Ale
  24. Primeval Knievel Cold-Pressed Coffee Brown Ale
  25. Primeval Bruin Sour Brown Ale
  26. SHop Class Single Hop Amarillo Wheat IPA
  27. SHop Class Single Hop Sterling Pale Ale
  28. SHop Class Single Hop Cascade IPA
  29. Woodworker Mountain Of Gold Belgian Golden Strong pinot (bottles available to go)
  30. Woodworker Old Blood & Guts Barleywine bourbon
  31. Woodworker Primeval Brown bourbon
  32. Woodworker Thunderbolt Porter bourbon
  33. Woodworker Thunderbolt Porter pinot
  34. Woodworker Thunderbolt Porter pinot & bourbon blend (bottles available to go)

“When we say The Beer Here is Near and Dear, we still mean it even after our first year,” says co-owner and brewer Ben Parsons. “This event is a celebration of every person who has believed in us and given us a chance this last year. We are better because of them and excited to celebrate our one year anniversary.”  Baerlic is focused on brewing the beers they love to drink and doing it in a way that respects the history and art of brewing while also pushing the boundaries on styles and processes. Beer is beer is beer, and historically hasn’t liked to be pigeon-holed in restraints such as styles and norms and old ways of doing things.

“This year has really proven the outpour of support coming from our incredible employees, friends, family, and the craft beer community in Portland. This community is a special place to be and we are lucky to call it our home now,” says Rik Hall, co-owner and brewer. Day of the Baer is another reason for all of us to come together in celebration of craft beer and everything it brings to Portland.

What the Hell’s a Bearlic?
Literally translating to ‘of barley’ in old english, bærlic reiterates the fundamental idea that all things, no matter how complex or involved, can always be traced backward to a single, simple core or point of view. Our point of view comes from a belief that we are all in this together and that our actions shape our world – by being honest, we are approachable; by being consistent, we are trusted; by being considerate, we can sleep at night; and by choosing to keep it simple, we are able to do this really well.

Advance tickets can be purchased here for $22.09 (including fees) that allows one to receive the limited tulip tasting glass and 10 tasting tickets. (1 ticket = 3oz and 4 tickets = 12 oz of non-specialty beer. 2 tickets = 3 oz and 4 tickets = 6 oz specialty beer)

For additional details, visit the Facebook Event Page or its website’s Event Page.

Baerlic Brewing Co.
2235 SE 11th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214