13 Virtues Brewing Expands Its Beer Offerings

13 Virtues Brewing Co. Tap Tower
This past September Philadelphia’s Steaks & Hoagies went through a rebranding and name change at its Sellwood/Moreland location to now be known as 13 Virtues Brewing Company. The brewery part of this business has been going by 13 Virtues for the past couple of years after founder Steve Moore totally revamped his sandwich shop’s brewery to a much more modern system. Since doing this rebranding it made total sense to completely change the name of the entire operation at this location.

With this now behind them, 13 Virtues Brewing opened its new 12 tap tower in its Sellwood/Moreland location yesterday, April 24th. With this additional tap tower, 13 Virtues Brewing will now offer an impressive total of 23 house brewed beers at all times. 13 Virtues Brewing Co. Logo

When 13 Virtues expanded its brewhouse in the Spring of 2013, the brewery held different hours for a separate tasting room overlooking the brewhouse. This did not always bode well for many of its customers’ favorite beers, such as Patience Whiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, were not always available. Demand for the vast variety of styles brewed by David Vohden has increased since his 2014 GABF® Silver medal win for Woozy Weizenbock, necessitating the additional taps up front.

In addition to a guest cider tap, the 23 beers 13 Virtues will be pouring initially include: Sellwood Lager; Milwaukie’s Better Pilsner; You Down With OPP? Orange Peel Pale; 45th Parallel IPA; Rip City Red; Cold Spice Habañero Rye; ’77 Stout; Oberlinerweisse; Wit or Witout; Saisonnalisa; Mr. Bigglesworth Belgian Pale Ale; Blue-Eyed Belgian Blonde IPA; Maggie Maibock; Limberjack IPL; Double Paradiddle Imperial IPA; 21st Anniversary Double Red Ale; Rainy Day CDA; Oscar the Rauch; Schwarzberry; Baltic Porter; Woozy Weizenbock; MAX Stout Imperial Stout; and 2014 Whiskey Barrel-Aged MAX Stout.

This makes for a fine reason as ever to make your way to the Sellwood/Moreland neighborhood and sample some of 13 Virtues Brewing offerings while eating one of their tasty sandwiches.

13 Virtues Brewing Co.
6410 SE Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, OR  97202