2018 Beer Production Remains Sluggish

After declines in barrel output for the first three months of 2018, United States brewers have rebounded in its April 2018 production.

The Beer Institute, a national trade association for the American brewing industry, just published an unofficial estimate of domestic tax paid shipments by beer brewers for April 2018. Each month The Beer Institute releases financials on the amount of beer that is produced by all brewers within the U.S. These numbers include barrel production from breweries of all sizes.

The April 2018 estimate is 14,575,000 barrels that results in an increase of 1.3% versus April 2017 production of 14,394,000 barrels.

Month 2017 2018 Percent Change Volume Change
January 12,893,449 12,167,000 -5.6% -726,449
February 11,607,408 11,202,000 -3.5% -405,408
March 15,073,083 14,570,000 -3.3% -503,083
April 14,394,000 14,575,000 1.3% 181,000
YTD 53,967,940 52,514,000 -2.7% -1,453,940

Please note that the estimates reflect revised estimates released by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB).

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