Backwoods Brewing Expands with Party Acres

Backwoods Brewing Party Acres Park Map

Expansion plans are in the works for Backwoods Brewing. The Carson, Washington based brewer is set to begin development on Party Acres, a 19-acre resort property for lovers of the Gorge. Party Acres is located in the woods in Carson with plans to have an array of cabins, outdoor activities, and eventually a brewery and pub at this location.

But to build up a bit more excitement for this new development in the Gorge, Backwoods Brewing is releasing Party Acres Hazy IPA in cans and on draft.

Here are additional details from the brewery’s press release…

“We bought the property in 2020,” says owner and CEO Steve Waters, “and have been drawing multiple designs in the sandbox ever since.” They finally landed on a site plan, with Phase 1 being cabins hidden away in the woods in Carson, Washington. The cabins will open this spring, and Phase 2 of Party Acres will be bringing Backwoods’ existing pub and brewery operations on site as well.

Alongside these plans, Backwoods has other fun ideas in the works with an estimated time frame to be decided, including a disc golf course, zip line and potentially an amphitheater for live entertainment.

“We’ve got plans in motion, and are leaving space to dream up exciting ideas for the property and our cozy cabins.  With all the activities in the area we are excited to give people more reasons to love coming to play and stay in the Columbia River Gorge.” says owner Debbie Waters.

image of Party Acres Hazy IPA courtesy of Backwoods Brewing
image of Party Acres Hazy IPA courtesy of Backwoods Brewing

Party Acres, the beer, is a Hazy IPA made with lush, tropical hops, and is light enough to be enjoyed on any outdoor adventure. Backwoods has been playing with the recipe on draft for over a year, and is finally ready to take it to prime time in 12 ounce cans. It will take their hazy slot, previously occupied by Hazy in the Gorge.

“When it came time to name the beer, we thought about it for 5 seconds before thinking, ‘Why don’t we name it after the property?’” said Tom Waters, COO and owner of Backwoods, “Party Acres has been a dream of my dad’s (fellow owner Jim Waters) since before I was born.”

“When I was a kid, my buddies and I always wanted a place we could go to get away.” says Jim. The fabled earthly paradise would be called Party Acres. “It’s pretty exciting to be making that dream a reality. But what we’re doing here is going to be a little bit more classy than what me and my buddies had in mind back then.” Born from the vision of a collective place for family and friends to celebrate the good times, Party Acres will be a resort with something for everyone.

“And in the spirit of Backwoods, we’re aiming for the blend we always try to strike of woodsy and adventurous, while also laid-back and comfortable,” says Steve Waters. “We want to be the place you think of when you want to get away.”

image of Steve Waters, Jim Waters, Debbie Waters and Tom Waters courtesy of Backwoods Brewing
image of Steve Waters, Jim Waters, Debbie Waters and Tom Waters courtesy of Backwoods Brewing

Look for the Party Acres beer in stores and on tap at the Backwoods pubs right now – and plan to book a night or two at the Party Acres cabins beginning in May 2023.