BridgePort Brewing Releases Two New Beers As It Re-Brands Its Lineup For 2017

BridgePort Brewing’s new brand refreshing for 2017 includes new, updated labels for its iconic IPA and King Pin along with a new release, Tiny Horse Pilsner. (image courtesy of BridgePort Brewing)

With its celebrated history dating back to 1984 making it Oregon’s oldest craft brewery, BridgePort Brewing has announced a few new beers along with a few changes as we enter the month of March. Hitting taps and shelves are two new beers, Tiny Horse Pilsner and India Pale Wheat. Along with these two new beers, BridgePort is also refreshing its packaging on its entire lineup of beers.

Also in store for 2017 will be the installation of a 5-barrel pilot brewery at BridgePort to assist in product development. Once installed this new pilot brewery will take over from its current use of traveling to Corvallis, Oregon and brewing on Oregon State University’s 1.7-barrel system. This new pilot system will also increase the variety of beers that will be on tap at its brewpub in Portland’s Pearl District.

Circling back to the two new beers, Tiny Horse Pilsner marks the first pilsner for BridgePort Brewing in its 33 years. Then with its new India Pale Wheat (IPW), this is the first release in the brewery’s new Deep Cut Series of beers, a rotating brew selection, available only within the Beervana 12 Pack.

BridgePort Brewing Tiny Horse Pilsner 6 Pack. (image courtesy of BridgePort Brewing)

Here are more details from the brewery’s press release…

Inspired by the great European pilsners from Germany, Austria, and the Czech Republic, Tiny Horse Pilsner, on shelves beginning today, is BridgePort’s own spin on the classic style. Brewed with locally-sourced Pilsner malt as well as a touch of Vienna malt for a signature crisp, clean finish. The liquid is then topped with Willamette Valley hops for a perfectly balanced aroma of bitterness and floral notes. As a nod to the great European brewing tradition, BridgePort’s brewers finish this beer with a classic pilsner hop variety, Czech Saaz.

In addition to the new year-round, IPW is the first in BridgePort’s rotating Deep Cut series. Not a Hefeweizen but not an IPA either, this beer starts with a base of 50% pale malt and 50% wheat. Brewers then use Sterling, Crystal and Cascade hops in the kettle for a classic Northwest hop base. Next, they dry hop Cascades for a refreshing floral and citrus finish. Final touches on this brew include light filtering to ensure IPW’s light haze and bright hop aroma.

“We’re excited about all the new happenings at the brewery right now, especially the new brews,” states Jeff Edgerton, BridgePort Brewmaster. “Tiny Horse and IPW are both unique to BridgePort’s current lineup and we couldn’t be happier about the taste profiles each of these beers feature. But don’t just take my word for it; go grab yourself a beer and enjoy!”

For more information on BridgePort’s newest beers, Tiny Horse Pilsner and IPW, visit BridgePort’s brand new website or come down to the BrewPub at 1313 NW Marshall St.