Cascade Brewing Partners With Day One Distribution Within Oregon


Cascade Brewing has partnered with Day One Distribution to sell and distribute all of its beers within the state of Oregon. A longtime proponent of self-distribution, Cascade Brewing has taken a giant step into allowing an outside entity to handle its distribution in its home state that currently has around 35 accounts.

Art Larrance, founder/owner of Cascade Brewing has long been a very strong advocate of self-distribution and recently helped lobby the state to increase this amount from 5,000 to 7,500 barrels of production. This effort passed in 2015 with S.B. 138. But as with any brewery, there can come a time when a distributor can be an asset in getting its beers into more locations at less cost.

Day One Distribution is owned by Robby Roda and has been the one responsible for bringing into Portland many of out of market beers, many from Southern California, for one-time events. BREWPUBLIC worked with Robby during our Killer Beer Week this past October and couldn’t be more pleased with his professionalism and the excitement that he brings to craft beer.

“The decision to go with a distributor partner in Oregon for the Cascade sour beer portfolio was a decision we had discussed for many months,” stated Tim Larrance, VP of sales and marketing in a news release. “We decided it was time to focus more on production than distribution. We found a great partner in Day One and its founder, Robby Roda.”

Roda has strong ties with Cascade Brewing, having served as the brewery’s sales director for two years. He has a depth of knowledge of the Cascade brands and is well versed in the process in making and selling high-quality barrel-aged sour beer.

Day One Distribution is planning a number of events in early January with key Cascade accounts to celebrate the new partnership.