Charles Porter Leaves Logsdon Farmhouse Ales

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales founders David Logsdon and Charles Porter along with David’s wife Judith Logsdon-Bams.

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, the brewery that David Logsdon and Head Brewer Charles Porter founded in 2011 is now in the process of being sold.  The new ownership will include A.J. Shepard, Chris Shepard, and Stuart Faris of Uptown Market along with current Logsdon Farmhouse partners John Plutshack and Jodie Ayura. Plutshack is also an owner of Tin Bucket in North Portland. In a deal that is still being finalized David Logsdon will retire from the brewing industry and will sell his stake of the brewery while Porter will completely walk away from the business he proudly founded. will continue on as  part owner of his namesake brewery.

Update: We just received this email from Uptown Market’s Stuart Faris with David Logsdon’s blessing stating “This is an agreement between two private, family-owned companies, with the Logsdon family remaining involved. There is a restructuring of Logsdon Farmhouse Ales, in which Dave Logsdon will continue as the Founding Farm Brewmaster, to sustain the growth and exceptional quality Logsdon fans respect and covet. New members will join the current Logsdon Team in management and operations, as Dave is stepping back from directing the day-to-day operations full-time and Charles Porter has indicated his intent to leave his position as farmhouse brewer.

Logsdon Farmhouse founders David Logsdon and Charles Porter along with business partner John Plutshack back in 2011.

Today is Porter’s last day at the brewery he founded with Logsdon four years ago. The recipes that he developed over the years with Logsdon will continue on with current Assistant Brewer Aaron Gilliam and the new ownership, but Porter will have no involvement with Logsdon Farmhouse Ales after today.

After speaking with Porter last evening he sent us this email this afternoon stating, “Today is my last day as Head Brewer at Logsdon Farmhouse Ales. I’ve put head and heart into building this business since we started this partnership in 2011 and while our beers have never had my name on them, they’ve always had my soul in them. Along with Dave, and as Founding Brewer, I’ve played an essential part in the face, taste and character of our beers. I’m proud of my contribution to our success and to the impact we’ve had on the American-Style Brett Beer category.” Brewpublic's D.J. Paul and Charles Porter during Zwickelmania

Porter is sure to be taking his vast, well received brewing experience to a future project down the road, most likely based here in Portland where he resides with his new wife. The beers that he developed with Logsdon over the past four years are some of the most sought after beers in the marketplace. Porter will also keep his Bergschrund Signature Series line of beer. The series sole release, Aberrant has an impressive 96 Rating on Rate Beer.

We wish Porter success in his next venture and Logsdon a fun filled retirement!