Ecliptic Brewing Refreshes Its Labels

New labels for Ecliptic Brewing will hit store shelves in the near future. (image courtesy of Ecliptic Brewing)
New labels for Ecliptic Brewing will hit store shelves in the near future. (image courtesy of Ecliptic Brewing)

Approaching its three year anniversary, Ecliptic Brewing will offer a new look on its labels for three of its four year round beers that are part of the brewery’s All The Time Series. This means there will be new labels for Orbiter IPA, Spectra Hoppy Pilsner, and Carina Peach Sour Ale. The other beer, Capella Porter, will continue to be available only on draft.

The brewery’s latest addition to its All The Time Series is its Carina Peach Sour Ale. This beer was recently launched a few weeks ago at the 2016 Oregon Brewers Festival. “With the recent addition of Carina Peach Sour Ale to the line-up, we felt that it was time to give our year-round beers their own identity but still keep them part of the family.” stated Owner and Brewmaster John Harris in a news release. “I am excited to see the new labels hit the shelves!”

Ecliptic Orbiter IPA

The new labels were designed in Portland by Sasquatch Agency and feature the familiar astronomy themes that Ecliptic Brewing is well known for. “We’re flipping the read so we can get more expressive, while also helping visually differentiate each beer as the core line up grows,” stated Sean Haggerty Senior Art Director at Sasquatch Agency in the news release.

Ecliptic Spectra Hoppy Pilsner

With these new labels come some tweaks in the recipe for what was previously known as Spica Pilsner. This beer now features Mandarina Bavaria hops and is now known as Spectra Hoppy Pilsner. The addition of Mandarina Bavaria hops to Ecliptic Brewing’s Pilsner is said to give the beer a pleasant citrus aroma. “When I first saw Mandarina Bavaria hops I knew that I wanted to one day incorporate them into our Pilsner,” stated Harris.

Ecliptic Carina Peach Sour Ale Label

Look for new labels for Orbiter IPA and Spectra Hoppy Pilsner, in the coming weeks. as Carina Peach Sour Ale is currently in the marketplace.

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