Fair Isle Brewing Is Shipping Direct to Consumers in Oregon

image of Denise courtesy of Fair Isle Brewing

The shipping of direct to consumer can be the lifeblood for niche breweries and the latest brewery to do this is Fair Isle Brewing. The Seattle brewery specializing in lager and saison beers, is now shipping direct to consumers in the state of Oregon.

“We’re thrilled to be able to ship to our friends in Oregon,” said Andrew Pogue, owner of Fair Isle Brewing. “We’ve been in the Oregon market for some time now and very happy that customers can now have access to our entire collection of beers.” 

Fair Isle Brewing embraces the Pacific Northwest as it sources 99% of its ingredients from the region while utilizing traditional fermentation techniques. The brewery uses thoughtful approach to crafting award-winning beers is a balance of time, technique, and carefully selected ingredients.  

One of only a handful of breweries in the country to use wild, mixed-culture yeast, Fair Isle brews with a distinctive yeast that has been nurtured for over a decade. The result is light, balanced beers with the flavor and personality to stand alone and enhance any meal.  

image of Myrtle courtesy of Fair Isle Brewing

Embracing the variables of each season and inspired by the richness of the Pacific Northwest ecosystem, Fair Isle crafts beers that foster a deeper connection to local farms and the people who steward them.   

Oregon residents can order beers, merchandise, and bundle boxes at fairislebrewing.com for flat shipping rate of just $15. 

 A few examples of Fair Isle’s current releases include:

  • Denise is an oak-aged ale refermented on plums form Copperworks Distilling’s Plum Gin.  Denise is a harmony gin and fruit. Exhibiting big floral aromas of gin, Denise presents notes of grains of paradise, mint, fresh strawberries, Meyer lemon, cherries and plums.
  • Jean-Michel is a hoppy oak-aged saison dry-hopped with Barbe Rouge from France. Presents notes of strawberry pound cake and black currants balanced by time in oak and a soft finish.
  • Myrtle is brewed with malts from Linc Malt and steeped with Myrica Gale. This tiny, yet mighty ingredient packs a punch of flavor. On the nose there are hints of wildflower honey and straw, and on the palate we’re getting notes of euculyptus, juniper berry, Meyer lemon, and white pepper. It finishes dry, with a lively tartness from our house culture uplifting the singular character of the Myrica Gale.
image of Jean-Michel courtesy of Fair Isle Brewing

Fair Isle Brewing is located in Seattle’s Ballard Neighborhood at 936 NW 49th St and is open seven days a week. To learn more visit fairislebrewing.com.

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