Laurelwood Brewing Re-Freshes and Adds Additional Cans To Its Lineup

Laurelwood Brewing’s new lineup of 12 oz. cans.

In mid-June Laurelwood Brewing posted a bit of a tease on its Facebook Page stating “We’ve got something up our sleeves!” This post hinted at some additional cans from its core lineup of beers and potentially some other news.

Beginning on Monday, July 17th Laurelwood Brewing will refresh its look and offer its core lineup of Workhorse IPA and Free Range Red in 6 pack cans throughout Oregon and Washington. This means that the 6 pack bottles of Workhorse IPA and Free Range Red will be phased out as will its 6 pack can offerings of Red Elephant IRA and Golden Ale.

“Our industry is constantly evolving and looking at different ways to deliver a unique drinking experience to the customer,” stated Ben Dobler, Director of Brewing Operations in a statement. “For the last 4 years you’ve been able to find Laurelwood’s award winning beers in glass, however as we too look at ways to evolve we’ve decided on moving our beer in to cans.”

Laurelwood is also adding a new beer to its lineup with The Wood Lager. This German style lager is a natural fit to the lineup and rounds out the offerings. “Creating a new flagship for Laurelwood has been in planning for quite some time,” stated James Buxman, Director of Marketing & Sales in a statement. “With Ben’s experience brewing lagers and developing lager programs, we are confident that this will become a fan favorite.”

Also look for Laurelwood’s collaboration with Boneyard Beer, BoneWood Boyz Brett IPA on tap. (image courtesy of Laurelwood Brewing)

Laurelwood worked with Prohibition Co. to come up with its new designs that gives this longstanding Oregon brewery a refreshed look for its new packaging that will carry the brewery beyond its first 16 years.