Migration Brewing Has Signed With Columbia Distributing + Plans On New 20 Barrel Production Brewery

As Migration Brewing ends its long run of self-distributing its beer it has been confirmed that the brewery will soon begin its partnership with Columbia Distributing. During the past seven years since the inception of the brewery Migration did what many startup breweries have done in Oregon, self distributed its beers to area bars. Beginning this month this new partnership with Columbia will allow the Portland brewer to get its beers to many additional fans throughout the marketplace.

“We started with a real boot-strapping mentality,” says Eric Banzer-Lauseberg, Distribution Sales Manager in a news release. “Portland was still in the middle of the great recession of 2010 and we had some extra beer to sell.  So I loaded up our ’84 Toyota pick-up with kegs of Clem’s Cream ale and started making sales calls. Next thing I knew we had a constant stream of neighborhood accounts to work with. We’re so grateful to our strong Portland community who have all supported us since day one.”

With this new distribution agreement and the brewery’s goal to get its beer in front of additional beer drinkers the brewery will begin plans on opening a new 20-barrel production facility in the Portland metro area in the coming year. According the brewery’s press release its goal is to have this location operating and producing beer by early 2018 that will allow Migration to increase production and in turn increase its sales in this ever changing and highly competitive beer market of today.