Migration Brewing Launches 22 oz. Bottles In Portland

Migration Brewing Bottles 2016. (image courtesy of Migration Brewing)
New Migration Brewing bottles includes Luscious Lupulin Ale, Glisan Street Pale Ale, Terry’s Porter, and Clem’s Cream Ale. (image courtesy of Migration Brewing)

After brewing for the past six plus years, Migration Brewing has just released four of its core beers in 22 oz. bottles. The offerings include Luscious Lupulin Ale, Glisan Street Pale Ale, Terry’s Porter, and Clem’s Cream Ale. All four of these bottles are now on sale at the pub in Northeast Portland located at 2828 NE Glisan Street.

This is great news that compliments Migration Brewing’s recent Bronze Medal at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival for the brewery’s Old Silenus Ale in the Old Ale or Strong Ale category. Winning this Bronze marks the first medal that Migration has been awarded at GABF.

Currently, the four beers available for purchase include the following beers with brief descriptions provided by the brewery.

Luscious Lupulin IPA
India Pale Ale. Big citrus and piney resin with balanced malts.
6.5% ABV

Glisan Street Pale Ale
Pale Ale. Tropical fruit and restrained dankness.
5.1% ABV

Terry’s Porter
Porter. Roasted chocolate malts with hints of herbs and coffee.
6.7% ABV

Clem’s Cream Ale
Smooth straw-colored ale with a soft hop spice.
4.6% ABV

All four of these 22 oz. bottles are available for purchasr at $5.00 per bottle or $55.00 per case of 12.

Migration Brewing Frankie the Belgian Chocolate Stout Bottles. (image courtesy of Migration Brewing)
Migration Brewing Frankie Imperial Belgian Chocolate Stout Bottles. (image courtesy of Migration Brewing)

In addition to the release of Migration’s bottled classics, their holiday season staple, Frankie Imperial Belgian Chocolate Stout, will be released on December 2nd at Migration Brewing and will be sold for the first time ever in 750 mL champagne style bottles at $12.00 each. Frankie is described as being heavy in body and flavor, with all kinds of fun flavors. Toasted grain and chocolate notes stand out while nuances of dried cherry and almonds add layers. The Belgian Trappist yeast adds all kinds of interesting ester and phenolics to this beer, most prevalent are banana and cloves.

Imperial Belgian Chocolate Stout
11.8% ABV

“This is our first time bottling the beer. It’s a big moment for the brewery,” says Operations and Marketing Manager, McKean Banzer-Lausberg in a news release. “Migration has always been about community and we are excited to finally be able to bring Portland even more options.”