Migration Brewing To Open Pop-Up at Washington Square Mall

If drinking in a shopping mall is your preference, Migration Brewing is back at with an outpost at a local mall. A few years back it opened a temporary location at Lloyd Center and come Thursday, July 21st, Migration Brewing will have a new Pop-Up Indoor Beer Garden at Washington Square on Portland’s far west side.

Located on the second floor balcony above Center Court, the local brewery will be serving up fresh draft beer plus plenty of packaged beverage options beginning at noon on Thursday.

Migration Brewing is the first craft brewery to have a presence at Washington Square and will join fellow alcohol maker Wild Roots and other high-end retailers. The project is part of a burgeoning pop-up retail program that Migration is developing to expand its brand to new markets.

“We really enjoy working with groups that are open to unique projects and the Washington Square team was excited about the concept, so it came together very quickly,” explains company CEO, McKean Banzer-Lausberg.

As consumer trends continue to evolve in a rapidly changing environment, Migration strives to keep thinking outside the box. And this they do with these mall locations and the short, nearly two year run of its Rooftop at Canvas across from Providence Park.

“We are really focused on small footprint, high return retail outlets right now that allow us to avoid some of the current labor challenges,” says Banzer-Lausberg. “Our team also wants to take on projects that are fun and that allow us to tap into new communities.  Washington Square checked all those boxes.”

Migration Brewing’s Pop-Up Beer Garden will have seating capacity for 35 people that are of legal drinking age and will continue through the end of the year. If successful, it may remain as a permanent location. The Pop-Up will be open seven days a week beginning at Noon from Monday – Saturday and at 11:00am on Sunday.

Washington Square
9585 SW Washington Square Road
Portland, OR 97223