Ninkasi Brewing Releases Ninkasi Pilsner and Refreshes its Bottle Packaging For 2019

image of new branding on its bottles courtesy of Ninkasi Brewing
image of new branding on its bottles courtesy of Ninkasi Brewing

Just under two weeks after announcing that the brewery entered a new strategic partnership and selling off a majority of its ownership with EPR Properties and Legacy Breweries, Ninkasi Brewing has refreshed its bottle packaging to line up with its can packaging. This new brand re-fresh was bound to happen, but with it comes a new beer and the return of a fan favorite.

“We’re always searching for ways to innovate and improve our beers,” said Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi’s president and co-founder in a statement. “The new look reflects that continuous improvement.” A chevron badge is consistent across all of the packaging. “The chevron represents the mountains in our backyard,” said Sarah Johnson, Ninkasi’s Chief Customer Officer. “Each label tells a story about our connection to nature, which is what makes our beer special and it’s the reason we make the Northwest our home.”

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Ninkasi Brewing will release Ninkasi Pilsner and relaunch its once popular Oatis Oatmeal Stout. The Eugene based brewery felt that this was the best time to launch a new beer and bring back a fan favorite.

One beer we’re excited to try is Ninkasi’s take on a Northern German style pils. “Our brewers dedicate time to work on their own ideas,” said Daniel Sharp, Ninkasi’s Director of Brewing Process Development in a statement. “Ninkasi Pilsner is a direct result of our recipe development and innovation program.”

And if you have missed Oatis in a bottle, this beer is making a return. “Our fans brought this one back,” said Jamie Floyd, Ninkasi’s co-founder and brewer. “Vanilla Oatis has a lot of fans too. Keep an eye out for an occasional appearance as a limited, draft-only release.”