Oakshire Brewing Transitions to 16oz Cans For its Core Lineup

November 24, 2020: EUGENE, OR –  Oakshire will begin shipping nine beers in their Core lineup to distributors in a new format – 16oz 4-packs. Oakshire’s Core brands are year-round and seasonal beers distributed throughout the Northwest and Colorado. “Enjoy Fresh!” remains the declaration of the Core brewing program, which sets the foundation for the long-standing brands from which Oakshire has grown.

Due to the global pandemic, Oakshire has experienced a change in package supply. “Without consistent access to 12oz. cans, our ability to supply our Core brands in the current 12oz. 6-pack configuration is limited. Adapting our package format is necessary so that we can continue to deliver our classic Core brands to the market,” says Oakshire CEO, Jeff Althouse.

Joining Oakshire’s 16oz. 4-pack lineup will be Watershed IPA, Amber Ale, Citrafonix IPA, Hazy IPA, Lagerbier, and both Sun Made Sour Ales – Raspberry and Cucumber.  Previously, seasonal releases, Reclaim the Fame West Coast IPA, Perfect Storm Double IPA, and Overcast Oatmeal Espresso Stout were the only Core brands available in the 16oz. package format. Each Core brand has received a unifying label refresh from Portland-based Iron Canvas Studios.

image of Watershed IPA in new 16oz cans courtesy of Oakshire Brewing
image of Watershed IPA in new 16oz cans with an easy to read canning date courtesy of Oakshire Brewing

“We’re excited to offer our Core lineup in a new package format that offers a larger serving size of our innovative Core brands,” says Director of Sales George Graham. “2020 calls for adaptation, and this is the prime example of that. Plus – you could say that 2020 also calls for 16oz. instead of just 12oz!”

Each Core brand will be transitioning to 16oz. cans starting January 1st as Oakshire’s Core 12oz. 6-packs are exhausted.