ORANGE Vessel Co. Stoneware Growlers

Orange Vessel Co. Ceramic 64oz Customized Growler - BREWPUBLIC
Orange Vessel Co. Ceramic 64oz Customized Growler – BREWPUBLIC

There are many choices in the marketplace when choosing a growler to take home your favorite draft beer. Choices include disposable “milk carton”, plastic, glass, stainless steal and ceramic to name a few. But which growler is best for all around use. There may be no clear cut answer to this question as each of these growlers has its own set of benefits.

ORANGE Vessel Co. is one company that is offering high end stoneware growlers built in the United States. Founded in 2014, ORANGE Vessel designed an ergonomic stoneware growler in its Upstate New York studios and has these growlers hand poured at a factory in Central Ohio. The result is an attractive looking growler that blocks all light from the beer inside while keeping a sleek appearance.

From the beginning, ORANGE Vessels designed its initial prototypes at its Syracuse, New York studio using state of the art 3D modeling software. After many iterations a few test models were made and tested using its 3D printers. The result is an ergonomically growler spaced to fit your hand for the best grip possible. Once in production each and every ORANGE Vessel is finished by hand before glazing. Orange Vessels are bisque fired, glazed and then fired again at over 2000 degrees. Coupled with the perfect handgrip, this growler is easy to open and pour and will keep your beer fresher for longer than a screw top after its first opening.

Orange Vessel Growlers Line Up

Color choices include Gloss Black, White, Matte Black, Slate and Orange. The standard 64 oz. growlers are $59.99 each. ORANGE Vessel also offers a custom 64 oz. laser engraved growlers at $85.00 each. We are enjoying the BREWPUBLIC etched one! This is a great option to have made for special occasion gifts where uniqueness is of essence.

Currently in production are 32 oz. ORANGE Vessel Stoneware Growlers. This mini growler ill hold two pints of beer and are now in pre-order at an introductory price of $44.00 each. These will begin shipping in early October that will allow ORANGE Vessel to offer a more complete line of growlers.