pFriem Family Brewers Expands Into the Entire Halyard Building

Halyard Building (image courtesy of pFriem Family Brewers)
Halyard Building (image courtesy of pFriem Family Brewers)

To assist in its recent growth pFriem Family Brewers has just announced its expansion at its current brewing facility located inside the Halyard Building along Hood River’s waterfront in the Port of Hood River. Beginning on March 1, 2016, pFriem will occupy the entire 20,000 square foot building as its most recent tenants, Pocket Fuel and Real Carbon, have left the building. With this additional space pFriem will also be increasing its barrel-aging and fruit beer programs.

Here is more from pFreim’s press release….

The Halyard building is split up into four suites. In 2012, pFriem Family Brewers started in 101 with 6,000 sq. ft. then moved into 102 in 2013. Last year they moved completely into Pocket Fuel’s space. Real Carbon relocated earlier this year, opening up their portion of the building. On February 2nd, pFriem Family Brewers was approved by the Port of Hood River to occupy the entire building. “I remember back in 2009 when the outside walls were going up on the Halyard building. I thought to myself what an amazing and beautiful place to house a brewery. We were thrilled when we signed our lease in 2011 to start building our brewery here, but it is a dream to have the whole building to grow into!” explains Brewmaster, Josh Pfriem. 

The newly acquired space means big opportunities for pFriem Family Brewers. They will be able to boost their production to 20,000 annual barrels of beer in addition to expanding their barrel-aging and fruit programs. pFriem plans to release thirty-seven beer varieties in bottles throughout 2016 – eleven of those will be barrel-aged beers. The extra space lends greater possibilities for variety, creativity, and continued consistency of quality in pFriem beers. It also means more production of award winning beer, such as their GABF® silver medal winning Pilsner. Josh Pfriem expands upon his vision for the space stating, “We have built a brewers’ playground for a brewery, we have the ability to make high quality lagers, innovative hop-forward beers, Belgian-inspired beers, barrel-aged beers, and fruited beers. With this new space we will be able to brew more pFriem classics and be able continue to stretch our creative legs.”