Sierra Nevada Brewing Partners with Germany’s Bitburger Brewery on 2019 Oktoberfest Beer

Sierra Nevada Brewing and Bittburger Brewery 2019 Oktoberfest Beer

Continuing with its annual tradition since 2015, Sierra Nevada Brewing will partner with a German brewer on its 2019 Oktoberfest beer. For 2019, Sierra Nevada will be working with Bitburger Brewery on this annual fall seasonal that will begin hitting store shelves in late July.

Founded back in 1817, Bitburger has been family-owned for seven generations in Bitburg, Germany. The brewery is famous for its “perfect pilsner” and its commitment to quality in brewing.

2019 Oktoberfest will be the first American beer brewed with Bitburger’s secret hop blend known as Siegelhopfen, aka sealed hops. This classified hop blend has never been shared outside the German brewery walls. The beer will also feature Bitburger’s custom lager yeast, another house ingredient gifted for the first time ever.

“Our breweries’ shared commitment to quality and family ownership made this an obvious fit,” said Sierra Nevada founder and owner Ken Grossman in a statement. “Together, our families have shared great times telling stories, enjoying food and drinking beer—the perfect conditions for a great Oktoberfest.”

2019 Oktoberfest will feature a rich amber color, smooth malty flavor and balanced hop character and will sit at 6% ABV, 20 IBUs, and 190 calories. The beer will utilize a malt bill of caramelized malts, Munich, and Pilsner and a hop bill of Bitburger Siegelhopfen, German Magnum, and Loral.

Sierra Nevada Brewing and Bittburger Brewery 2019 Oktoberfest Beer Bottle

“We are thrilled to be brewing together with our friends from the iconic Sierra Nevada Brewery,” said Jan Niewodniczanski, Managing Director of Bitburger in a statement. “Not only are we united by our passion for exceptional beer and truly unique hop flavors, we also share a long history of transatlantic exchange, leading to this exciting collaboration.”

Bitburger will visit Sierra Nevada’s facility in Mills River, NC to taste a test brew and to celebrate at Sierra Nevada’s public Springtoberfest celebration on May 11, 2019.