StormBreaker Brewing To Expand Into St. Johns

The home of the upcoming StormBreaker Brewing located at 8409 N. Lombard Street. (image courtesy of Google)

Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood is set to receive its first proper brewery when StormBreaker Brewing will enter the neighborhood in 2018. Located only a half mile from Occidental Brewing just below the hill in Cathedral Park, StormBreaker Brewing will take over the former home of Plew’s Brews and St. Johns Dentistry.

For this 7,200 square foot buildout and renovation located at 8409 N. Lombard St., StormBreaker Brewing is working with Orange Design. Once renovated the new space will include 2,400 square foot pub with a full kitchen and indoor and outdoor seating.

The remaining space will be the future home of StormBreaker’s second brewery. The goal is to increase to a 15 to 20-barrel brewhouse. But until this time owners Rob Lutz and Dan Malech tell us that they will set up a pilot system to brew beers unique to its upcoming location.

“When we started our journey in late 2013, St. John’s was an area that we always knew we’d end up in, one way or another. Dan and I are super excited to start this next chapter of our business and be a neighborhood brewpub we think St. John’s will be proud of.” –Rob Lutz

StormBreaker Brewing to expand into Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood in 2018. (image courtesy of StormBreaker Brewing)

“We are beyond thrilled to get going in St. John’s and joining other great breweries and beer bars already there to make this another great beer destination in North Portland.” –Dan Malech

The goal is to have this new location open in Spring 2018. However as we know many brewery buildouts usually take a bit longer than anticipated.