Ancestry Brewing and Wayfinder Beer Collaborate On Bock

Ancestry Brewing and Wayfinder collaborate on Bock. (image courtesy of Wayfinder Beer)

Portland’s most collaborated brewery, Wayfinder Beer is back at it on Tuesday, March 28th for its latest collaboration release. For this installment Wayfinder Beer traveled to Tualatin, Oregon to brew Bock with Ancestry Brewing.

The tapping will take place beginning at 5:00pm when the brewers that created Bock will be on premise until 7:00pm to talk about the new collaboration that sits at 6.7% ABV and 27 BUs and served in 0,5L mugs!

Here’s a brief history on bock beer provided by Wayfinder Beer…

“Rich, malty, strong, smooth, roasty”

Bocks were originally brewed and exported from the town of Einbeck in Germany. Very popular in Bavaria because of their strength, the beer name was changed from Einbeck to Einbock to suit local accents and then just referred to as “bock” which comically mean male goat. Traditional bocks are bottom fermented lager beers brewed with a higher starting gravity and therefore contain more body. Our bock is a typical one, brewed in the older fashion with roasted and caramelized malts and executed well.

Doppelbock beer is different than traditional bock. It was originally brewed for Lenten times as a meal substitute by German monks. Our Bock is not a Doppelbock.

Wayfinder Beer proudly pours Johnnie Walker Black Label that pairs nicely with Bock. (image courtesy of Wayfinder Beer)

Then as an added bonus during the beer release, Wayfinder Beer will offer a bonus whiskey pairing. Add a shot of Johnny Walker Black Label for an additional $5.00. Sounds like the beginning to a great Boilermaker with the new Bock!

Wayfinder Beer
304 SE 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97214