Aslan Brewing 2018 Fall Beer Releases – The Duke, Inside Voice, and Ashes in the Fall

image courtesy of Aslan Brewing
image courtesy of Aslan Brewing

With the Fall season fully upon us Aslan Brewing from Bellingham, Washington has a few new 2018 Fall Beer Releases hitting the marketplace. Aslan Brewing has released The Duke (Ordinary Bitter), Inside Voice (Brown IPA), and Ashes in the Fall (London Export Stout).

Here’s a rundown on all three beer releases with descriptions provide by Asland Brewing.

The Duke – Ordinary Bitter
3.3% ABV // 25 IBU // 1.035 OG
light body + peach tea notes + balanced
A true session ale and the original from the British Isles. What makes us most proud of this beer is the extra effort we took to make sure it was absolutely stylistically correct. The barley employed was a floor malted, heritage grain from the Wiltshire, and of the oldest malt house in England. The hops used are of the Goldings variety, also from England. The carbonation and clarity were created naturally, in the way real cask ale would be presented. And the yeast was of course of English origin. Notes of sun brewed peach tea and freshly baked baguette create complexity that finishes with a satiating balance between malt and hop. This beer is a refreshing reminder that low alcohol beers do not need to sacrifice flavor and complexity.
Hops: WGV
Malt: Crystal 40, Plumage Archer

Inside Voice – Brown IPA
6.9% ABV // 60 IBU // 1.064 OG
biscuit + strawberry jam + warming
It’s time to start using your inside voice. The seasons are changing and the beers are getting darker. This beer is challenging to the senses, but ultimately rewarding. With aromas of toffee, apricot marmalade, and biscuit it is a delight on the nose. Welcoming flavors of cocoa, strawberry jam, and toast are balanced with a rounded hop bitterness.
Hops: Amarillo, Bravo, Cascade
Malt: 2-Row Pale, Dark Munich, Munich, Chocolate, Pale Chocolate

Ashes in the Fall – London Export Stout
Bottle Conditioned Ale – 12.8% alc./vol.
Aged in both rye whisky and red wine barrels for 10 months with Brettanomyces claussenii.
Available at both Aslan locations in Bellingham for $12 a bottle