Baerlic Brewing Co. Releases 3 Fresh Hop Beers In 2017

Baerlic Brewing has three fresh hop beers hitting the marketplace during the 2017 Oregon hop harvest. Baerlic brewed with fresh Mt. Hood, Santiam and Centennial Hops from Crosby Hop Farm and Indie Hops.

Already released have been Hellsner Helles Fresh Hop and Fresh Hop Early Bird Pale. On Thursday Baerlic will release Pioneer Bitter Fresh Hop at its tasting room in Southeast Portland.

Fresh Hop Early Bird Pale. (image courtesy of Baerlic Brewing)

Here’s a rundown on each of the three beers provided by Baerlic Brewing.

Hellsner Helles Fresh Hop
Fresh Hop Hellsner is a hoppy German Style Helles conditioned on freshly picked Santiam hops from Indie Hops.

Fresh Hop Early Bird Pale
Early Bird Pale Ale conditioned on freshly picked Centennial hops.

Pioneer Bitter Fresh Hop (released on Thursday, September 7th)
2017 Gold Medal Award Winner
Fresh Hop Pioneer Extra Special Bitter conditioned on fresh Mt. Hood hops from Crosby Hop Farm. This beer scored us a GOLD medal at the 2017 Oregon Beer Awards, so we are super duper stoked for this one!!

Baerlic Brewing Co.
2235 SE 11st
Portland, OR 97214