Block 15 Brewing Winter Beer Releases – Cosmic Cold Brew, Hoppy New Year!, and Turbulent Consequence, Cherry Pit

As we enter winter, Block 15 Brewing has a few new beers being released. For its Winter 2018 offerings be on the lookout for Cosmic Cold Brew, Hoppy New Year!, and Turbulent Consequence, Cherry Pit.

Here’s a preview of the three beer releases from Block 15 Brewing.

Cosmic Cold Brew – Stout Cold Conditioned on Coffee Beans
Cosmic Cold Brew is back—now in 16oz cans! This seasonal favorite elevates our classic Nebula stout with a 24 cold-extraction on freshly roasted Guatemalan Los Cedros coffee beans from our friends at Bespoken Coffee Roasters. It’s available at both of our locations, with distribution to Block 15 accounts around the PNW through December.
7% ABV
$3.50 per can, plus deposit
Available Now

Hoppy New Year! – Imperial IPA
Hoppy New Year! was brewed to ring in 2019 with a celebratory display of citrusy and tropical hops. Enjoy lively hop notes of orange zest, grapefruit, tangerine, and papaya, balanced by a careful orchestration of specialty malts. Hoppy New Year from Block 15!
8.75% ABV
$4.00 per 16oz can, plus deposit
Limit 24 cans per person
Release Date: December 26, 2018

Turbulent Consequence, Cherry Pit – Spontaneously Fermented Ale with Cherry Pits
Turbulent Consequence is brewed using classic lambic methods from the Senne River Valley in Belgium, including a multi-step turbid mash, inoculation with resident flora in our wild cellar’s coolship, and spontaneous fermentation and extended maturation in oak barrels. Mature barrels are then used in various blends throughout the year. Cherry Pit was matured over two years in barrels, including a year on cherry pits previously used in Turbulent Consequence, Bing.
6.5% ABV
$11.50 per 500mL bottle
Limit 12 bottles per person
Release Date: January 5, 2019