Boneyard Beer Collaborates With Steel Toe Brewing On Sticker Fight Double IPA

Artwork by Chux Print

Three years ago the initial stages of a collaboration beer from Boneyard Beer and Steel Toe Brewing began to take shape. Now the two breweries are proud to announce the release of Sticker Fight Double IPA.

Here is how this newfound brewery friendship went down…

Back in 2014 a war was waged in Denver, Colorado over burritos and Mexican lagers between two hop-forward breweries: one from Minnesota, the other from Oregon. The Sticker Fight had begun. The legend was epic and the trail of stickers storied. To commemorate the madness, Randin King (brewer at Boneyard and formerly of Steel Toe) developed a tropical fruity Double IPA for the thirsty folks of Minnesota. The concoction was supremely satisfying and utterly demanded by fans.

Now jump ahead three years as Boneyard and Steel Toe began collaborating on a new West Coast Style IPA but with an Oregon twist. Sticker Fight Double IPA is 8.5% ABV and 80 IBUs with a crisp body and just enough sweetness to counter the plentiful amount of aromatic and flavorful hops.

But don’t delay, as this new Sticker Fight Double IPA will only be available on draft for a limited time beginning Monday, April 3, 2017.