Breakside Brewery Spring 2019 Beer Releases

A beer at Breakside Brewery in Northwest Portland.
A beer at Breakside Brewery in Northwest Portland.

In time for Spring, Breakside Brewery is set to release six beers in the coming weeks. Out now is Rainbows and Unicorns, a session beer that was originally released in 2015 is now available in bottles and on draft. Joining this IPA are Grandmammy, Grandpappy, Louiza, Coldest Beer In Town, and Passionfruit Sour Ale.

“This spring sees the return of some of our team’s favorite beers, as well as a few first-time releases,” said Ben Edmunds, brewmaster for Breakside. “These beers run the gamut from classic styles to innovative sour blends, from low alcohol quaffers to some high-octane stouts aged in some very special barrels.”

Here are details with descriptions provided by the brewery on these beer releases…

Rainbows and Unicorns: This session beer was originally designed in 2015, and showcases Eldorado, Galaxy and Comet hops, providing juicy notes of peach, apricot, pineapple, and even stone fruit. Despite all this fruity goodness, this beer toes the line between the “juicier” and “sweeter” style of hazy IPAs, and more classic West Coast hoppy pales. ABV: 5.1% / IBU: 32 / Available now through July 2019.

Grandmammy: The barrel-aged version of Breakside’s popular winter seasonal, Salted Caramel Stout, this vintage release has been sitting for over a year in Van Winkle wheated Bourbon barrels that were also used to house Bissell Maple Farm maple syrup. Think brown spices, earth and dark fruit coupled with the rich flavors of vanilla and caramel with a hint of salt in the finish. Soft oak tannins and a pleasant wood character round this out. ABV: 9% / IBU: 33 / Very limited availability, May 2019.

Grandpappy: Inspired by whiskey-sauced bread pudding, this barrel-aged brew is a special variant of Grandmammy. Also aged for over a year in Van Winkle wheated Bourbon barrels that have been used to house Bissell Maple Farm maple syrup. Aromas of toffee, caramel and baking spice give way to flavors reminiscent of charred oak, sun-dried grapes, and chocolate-covered citrus. ABV: 9% / IBU: 33 / Very limited availability, May 2019.

Louiza: Part of the brewery’s new barrel-aged sour series, this is a mixed culture beer aged on lemon verbena inspired by warm weather drinks like radlers, shandies, iced tea, and fresh squeezed lemonade. The finished blend comes from seven casks of barrel-fermented sour beer that’s been aging for varying amounts of time in the brewery’s wood cellar. Available now in limited quantities, May 2019.

Coldest Beer in Town: This lager is the fifth release in the series and Breakside’s take on a classic Mexican-style lager. To make this beer, Breakside looked to the history of brewing in Mexico, where Austrian and German-immigrant brewers brought continental amber lagers from Vienna and elsewhere to the New World. Over time, these beers morphed into the lighter, easy-drinking Mexican lagers we know and love today. Coldest Beer in Town gets its toasty, cereal-like malt profile from historical Vienna Lagers. This beer is light on the palate and dry in the finish. ABV: 5.6% / IBU: 20 / Available now through June 2019.

Passionfruit Sour Ale: Breakside’s main summer seasonal brew, this award-winning, refreshing sour ale has just a kiss of tropical fruit. Passionfruit Sour is brewed in the tradition of a classic German Berliner Weisse, and then the brewers add a unique, tropical twist. This beer is light in body, extremely refreshing and mouth-puckeringly tart. The addition of passionfruit in the lagering tanks gives this beer an inviting stonefruit aroma. ABV: 5%. / IBU: 3. / Available June – September 2019.