Cascade Brewing To Release Glueh Kriek On Draft to Kick Off Black Friday Bottle Sale

image of Glueh Kriek courtesy of Cascade Brewing
image of Glueh Kriek courtesy of Cascade Brewing

One of the more unique beers from Portland will see the light of day on Tuesday, November 26th when Cascade Brewing releases its draft only Glueh Kriek. This beer is a spiced mulled sour cherry ale that’s served hot, on draft. The beer will also be available at its two Portland pubs––Cascade Brewing Barrel House in Southeast and the Lodge at Cascade Brewing in Southwest.

Glueh Kriek is described as a blend of sour red and blond ales aged in oak wine barrels for 14 months with Bing and sour pie cherries. It is then sweetened with wildflower honey and infused with warm winter spices. Served hot with an orange wedge, this limited seasonal blend offers plenty of warmth during the cold, wet Portland winter.

The release of Glueh Kriek will kick off a Black Friday Cascade Brewing Bottle Sale that will take place fron Tuesday, November 26th through Sunday, December 1st, at Cascade Brewing’s two pubs. Both pubs will be closed all day on November 28th for Thanksgiving.

As part of the bottle sale to closeout inventory on many of Cascade’s remaining 750mL bottles, the brewey will be offering seven different 750mL bottled beers at $14 per bottle or $140 per mix and match 12-pack case. Bottles include Sang Rouge 2015, Sang Royal 2016, Sang Noir 2016, Sang du Chene 2015, Figaro 2015, Noyaux 2015 and Framblanc 2016.

Cascade will also have limited edition wooden bottle boxes for sale; these pine boxes are branded with Cascade’s name on two sides and logo on the lid. Two box sizes are available, sized for either 500mL or 750mL bottle format. Each box holds three bottles or a combination of bottles and other merchandise. Pricing is $26 for a 500mL box or $29 for a 750mL box. Inventory is limited and only available while in stock.