Chuckanut Brewery Collaborates with Bottleshop Collective on Old Fest

Chuckanut Brewery collaborates with Bottleshop Collective on Old Fest. (image courtesy of Chuckanut Brewery)

For those of you fortunate enough to reside in Northwest Washington State, Chuckanut Brewery has collaborated with a group known as the Bottleshop Collective to brew an old style Oktoberfest beer called Old Fest.

So what is the Bottleshop Collective? Its comprised of Chuckanut’s favorite bottleshops in the Evergreen State that includes Elizabeth Station, Chuck’s Hop Shops, Beer Junction, Bottleworks, Beer Authority, Special Brews, Edison City, Malt & Vine, Teku Tavern and Pint Defiance.

Chuckanut Brewery decided to celebrate the Oktoberfest season in the old traditional Marzen Lager Style. The official tapping of Old Fest will take place on Friday, September 15 all around the sound including Chuckanut’s Kitchen in Bellingham and South Nut in Skagit Valley at the Port of Skagit.

Different from the regular Chuckanut Fest Bier (more of a Dortmunder style lager like the ones served at Germany’s Oktoberfest) this Old Fest lager is maltier and richer in flavor with an appetizing bitterness that serves to balance rather than challenge the malt underpinnings of this traditional lager. Toasty, malty sweetness and the firm bitterness make this traditional old style Oktoberfest bier very appetizing! With a 6% ABV it’s deceptively smooth and easy to drink, Prost!