Chuckanut Brewery Releases Barrel Aged Export Stout

image of Chuckanut Barrel Aged Stout courtesy of Chuckanut Brewery

A new barrel-aged beer had just been tapped from Chuckanut Brewery. What’s a bit hard to imagine is this the first barrel-aged beer to be released by the award-winning brewery!

In brewing the newly tapped Barrel-Aged Export Stout, Chuckanut too its popular Export Stout and aged in for one year in Oregon Oak whiskey barrels from Westland Distillery. From this year in the barrel, the Export Stout developed new aromas and flavors from the whiskey that was once in the barrel.

Barrel-Aged Export Stout boosts a high alcohol content of 9.8% ABV with an impressive spirit forward nose with hints of wood and dried cherry in a rich body. The palate is generously rewarded with hints of chocolate, coconut and licorice on each sip of this very dark, smooth and sophisticated ale.

At this time the Barrel-Aged Export Stout is only available on tap and not in package. However, this beer will be hand bottled and make sure to watch the brewery website, Instagram and Facebook pages to learn when this is completed!

Stouts are very versatile with food. The salty hams such as prosciutto di Parma, pancetta and Serrano hams as well as Virginia hams are delicious with Stout. Corned beef and pastrami are a must, and there are few beers that work better with a Reuben sandwich than a pint of Stout. This special release is sure to warm the soul as the winter approaches and temps drop.

Barrel-Aged Export Stout can be found on tap both Chuckanut Brewery locations. Their production facility and Tap Room in Skagit Valley at 11937 Higgins Airport Way, Burlington, WA and Chuckanut Brewery’s P. Nut Beer Hall is at 920 SE Caruthers St, Portland. To learn more about Chuckanut Brewery visit