Deschutes Brewery August Releases – Chainbreaker, Dissident Boysenberry, and Blue Butterfly

Bend, Oregon – Back by popular demand, Chainbreaker, a favorite among Deschutes drinkers for many years, will release again this Fall for a limited time. Proudly named after a local’s favorite mountain bike race in the brewery’s hometown of Bend, Oregon, Chainbreaker will make its comeback after a 4 year hiatus next month.

“Fans have been asking for its return since 2016, and the yeast, wheat and hop driven flavor profile is having a bit of a comeback as well,” said Deschutes’ Product Development Director, Veronica Vega. “It’s exciting to align the evolving flavor preference of craft beer drinkers with the return of Chainbreaker, and remembering how refreshing it can be to just get out on a bike.”

Chainbreaker is a creative amalgamation of styles, a hopped up Belgian-style witbier brewed with orange peel for a distinct, bright citrus flavor, the traditional notes of coriander, and the familiar refreshing hop kick of an IPA. Chainbreaker is 5.6% ABV and 40 IBUs and is currently shipping to distributors for an August release. This beer will be available everywhere Deschutes is sold in 6 and 12 pack bottles and on draft through October.

Also releasing in August is a variant to The Dissident, Dissident Boysenberry. This specialty release of the truly distinctive Belgian style Flanders Red is this time fermented with mixed cultures and Oregon boysenberries then aged in oak foeders. The tartness of the boysenberry blends beautifully with the base beer’s malty sweetness and pleasant acidity, providing an interesting counterpoint to the classic. Dissident Boysenberry is 9.7% ABV and 10 IBUs and will be available in 500 ml bottles in select markets, online, and at all Deschutes locations for a limited release on August 15th.

In Deschutes’ Small Batch lineup, Blue Butterfly, a limited release dry hopped saison with brettanomyces, will release on August 10th. This small batch experimental reserve is a unique offering with a balanced combination of saison esters, subtle brett funkiness, and fruity + floral hop notes. A Blue Butterfly is representative of transformation and change and symbolizes this distinctive beer’s journey that is dry hopped at the end with Celeia and Mosaic hops. Blue Butterfly is 5.2% ABV and 22 IBUs and will be available in 500ml bottles and on draft in select markets, online and at all Deschutes locations.