Double Mountain Brewery Releases Hazy Clusterf#*k IPA

image of Hazy Clusterf#*k IPA courtesy of Double Mountain Brewery
image of Hazy Clusterf#*k IPA courtesy of Double Mountain Brewery

Hood River, OR – August 2020 Strange days call for clarity, or perhaps a lack of clarity. For our next seasonal beer we decided to brew a style that defies good judgement and good reasoning, thus it’s a clusterf#*k or more specifically a Hazy Clusterf#*k. In these unsteady times, it seems fitting to bring back our Clusterf#ck IPA beer for the occasion. This year seems particularly clustered, so we made it a hazy. Clusters are used through-out the brew. What a wonderful hop. Tradition. And then we pivot. Hazy Clusterf#*k IPA is available in refillable 500ml bottles and on draft at our Hood River Taproom, SE Portland Taproom in the Woodstock neighborhood, and at fine establishments throughout the Northwest.

Hazy Clusterf#*k IPA 6.8% ABV 75 BU
“If you haven’t noticed, it is fucking clusterf#*k out there. Seriously. Global Pandemic, Police Brutality, Pride Boys, White Nationalism, Economic meltdowns, business failures, home-schooling, left-over pizza, hoarding toilet paper, Presidential tantrums, daily protests in the streets, complete ignorance of science…… just to name a few. Our cluster f#*k just got a little hazy- And why fucking not.” Matt Swihart, Owner & Brewmaster

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