Double Mountain & Everybody’s Brewing Partner on Escape from Indiana

Hood River, OR – August 2023: Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery, in partnership with Everybody’s Brewing, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest creation – Escape from Indiana, a captivating West Coast IPA that showcases the exciting fusion of flavors from both sides of the river.

Escape from Indiana is the brainchild of Double Mountain owner, Matt Swihart, and Everybody’s Brewing owner, Doug Ellenberger, both of whom share a common background, having grown up in Indiana before seeking refuge in the scenic beauty of the Gorge. Inspired by their journey from the flatlands to the mountains, the collaboration brings a unique blend of ingredients and ideas to the brewing table.

“I first met Doug interviewing him for a job to brew for a very large Hood River brewery. We were at a local tavern in West Lafayette, Indiana, and he was trying to act like he hadn’t been there before, but all the bartenders kept coming by to say, Hi Doug! I knew immediately this was a brewer I wanted to work with… and still do…” says Matt Swihart.

This delectable IPA combines the best of the Pacific Northwest and the southern hemisphere, thanks to the infusion of Thiolized yeast and New Zealand hops. The addition of Thiolized yeast enhances the biotransformation and hop oil utilization, unlocking a myriad of previously inaccessible aromas and flavors. Complementing this innovative yeast, New Zealand hops bring forth tropical, ripe, resinous, and dank characteristics, distinct from traditional US and European varieties.

“We thoroughly enjoyed brewing this beer with our friends across the river. It’s about time we got to throw down together and experiment with new flavors and aromas,” continues Matt Swihart. “Escape from Indiana brings a refreshing twist to our brews, expanding our horizons and keeping the creativity alive.”

To celebrate the spirit of friendship and creativity behind Escape from Indiana, Doug and Matt have curated an exclusive Spotify soundtrack that complements the beer’s flavors and enhances the overall drinking experience.  As you enjoy this exquisite IPA, immerse yourself in the curated soundscape that adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your beer-drinking moments.

Join Double Mountain and Everybody’s Brewing on their flavorful escapade as they liberate the true essence of malt, yeast, and hops with Escape from Indiana – a brew designed to go boldly where few have gone before, elevating your aromatic journey.

Escape from Indiana 6.6% ABV 65 BU
In 2023, two brewers escape the flatlands with one mission: to liberate the flavors and aromas in malt, yeast, and hops and thus, save the world. Aromas of ripe mango and cantaloupe, strawberry and rhubarb fight for the right to party, finishing clean and dry with a backhand of sticky fruit resin.

Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery was established in 2007 in the heart of downtown Hood River, OR. Founder, Matt Swihart, opened the brewery with a clear mission: make great beer for craft beer fans. The unique location of Double Mountain provides the use of pure and clean glacial water for beers and ciders, while also taking advantage of regionally grown hops. Reusable bottles allow customers to partake in a softer environmental footprint, affirming they are part of a sustainable future. Double Mountain may be found on tap and in bottles throughout the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia.

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