Double Mountain & Perrault Farms Collaborate on 397 West Coast IPA

About 90 minutes from the Columbia River Gorge sits the Yakima Valley and with it, the largest hop growing region in the world. One hop grower in the region that dates back to the early 1900’s is Perrault Farms and the farm recently worked with Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery on a new beer, Grower 397 West Coast IPA.

This new collaboration beer brings together the craftsmanship of brewing with the dedication and expertise of hop cultivation, offering beer enthusiasts a truly unique and flavorful experience. Led by Jason Perrault, Perrault Farms is known for its hop innovation as being part of the Hop Breeding Company, the venture between Yakima Chief Ranches and John I. Haas.

Grower 397 IPA was named after the Grower 397 stamp that Perrault Farms places on every hop bale. And it is the hops that are the shinning star of this beer. The experimental hops of HBC 586, HBC 638, and HBC 1019 where sourced directly from Perrault Farms. These hops infuse the beer with delightful aromas of bright orange, ripe stone fruit, pineapple, and subtle herbal notes, creating a product that is both invigorating and memorable at just 6% ABV.

Jason Perrault played an integral role in selecting the hop varieties for this collaboration. His expertise and passion for innovation have resulted in the inclusion of experimental hops like HBC 638, which shows promise as a replacement for the beloved Centennial variety.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Double Mountain emphasizes the importance of connecting with local growers and celebrating the rich agricultural heritage of the region. By bridging the gap between farm and glass, Grower 397 pays homage to the hard work and dedication of the farmers who make it all possible.

Double Mountain is really excited about this project. They are ecstatic to connect with the folks who are growing hops that they use, and to make some beer with hops they hope to use more of in the future. So tip one back, thank a farmer, and get on to enjoying that sunset after a hard days work. 

And once you pry the top off a bottle of Grower 397 IPA, hit play on the Spotify Playlist that can be accessed by clicking here. Learn more at about Grower 397 IPA and other beers from Double Mountain Brewery by visiting

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