Ecliptic Brewing to Release Sedna Tiramisu Stout and Barrel-Aged Sedna Tiramisu Stout


Arriving in mid-November, Ecliptic Brewing is gearing up for the cooler days ahead with the release of both Sedna Tiramisu Stout and Barrel-Aged Sedna Tiramisu Stout.

Sedna Tiramisu Stout is the first pastry stout of the year from Ecliptic Brewing. This beer is brewed with real vanilla, coffee and chocolate that creates a full-bodied beer that finishes sweet and smooth.

“It’s not done aging yet. It will be in the barrels for 11 months, but as we’ve been sampling it over the last few months, it’s developing really nice notes of cocoa,” said Ecliptic’s Brewery Operations Manager Chris Burch in a statement

Sedna was originally created as a small-batch, draft only beer last year, but Ecliptic brought it into the lineup as a 2019 Winter Special Release, and the fresh version will be available throughout Ecliptic Brewing’s distribution network. Sedna Tiramisu Stout and Barrel-Aged Sedna Tiramisu Stout will be released on draft and in 500mL bottles.

Here are descriptions provided by Ecliptic Brewing on each beer.

Sedna Tiramisu Stout
Located out in the coldest twilight of our solar system, Sedna is a minor planet of mysterious origin. We pay our respects with this deep, velvety full-flavored beer. Brewed with vanilla, coffee, and chocolate, Sedna is a perfect nightcap for those dark nights.
ABV 8.5% IBU 24

Barrel-Aged Sedna Tiramisu Stout
This whiskey barrel-aged version hibernates for 11 months, picking up notes of caramel, spice and oak complexity.
ABV 11.5% IBU 26