Everybody’s Brewing to Release Summer Sour Series in Cans

Everybody’s Brewing to Release Summer Sour Series with Mango Tamarind Sour Ale, Pink Guava Sour Ale, and White Peach Sour Ale.
Everybody’s Brewing to Release Summer Sour Series with Mango Tamarind Sour Ale, Pink Guava Sour Ale, and White Peach Sour Ale.

White Salmon, WA: Everybody’s Brewing has announced the release of a new series of rotating sour beers in 12 oz cans, to be kicked off with the release of Mango Tamarind Sour Ale the week of April 19th. The cans will transition to a new flavor every 2.5 months until October. Following Mango Tamarind will be Pink Guava in early June and finally White Peach in August. All three sours will be available in 6-packs of 12 oz cans throughout Oregon and Washington.

The brewery ran lab trials on 20 different fruit options before finalizing their selections. Choosing fruits that would be in season during the production of the beer also influenced the decisions. We were looking for unique fruits that would really shine in our base beer. Mango on its own was a touch on the sweet side. The natural tartness of the tamarind really balances that out. Now you get all the flavor of the mango but not all the sweetness. says Dave McGinley, Head Brewer of Everybody’s.

The sour series reflects the demand for light, thirst-quenching beverages, especially during the summer. Everybody’s hopes these cans will speak to the demographic that wants to try something new, but still wants that thing to fall into the craft beer category. “There are a lot of people looking to enjoy something other than an IPA with a high ABV these days.” Said owner Doug Ellenberger. This series is a great way to reach customers that want a refreshing, fruited beer. We’ve been making sours about eight years now and our brewers do a great job on them.”

Although these beer are technically considered “kettle sours”, they aren’t actually soured in the kettle. “The main difference in our technique is that we don’t add any lactobacillus until after we transfer the wort to a fermentation tank.” Says McGinley of the process, “This means we don’t boil the liquid after we’ve added the lacto, which ensures the final product still has live yeast bacteria in it.” Although this method doesn’t take any longer than souring in a kettle and then re-boiling, it does make for a very different product. “When you boil again after adding the lacto, kettle sours have a very straight-forward, zinging sour flavor, much like eating a sour candy,” explains McGinley, “but using our process, the beer has a far greater depth of flavor, stimulating more parts of the tongue by allowing the sweetness of the fruit to co-mingle with the tangy characteristics of the beer base.”

Along with the 12oz cans, each beer will also be available on draft throughout Oregon and Washington. Everybody’s will be announcing the exact release dates of the remaining series via their website and social media channels.