Firestone Walker Brewing Returns in 2021 with Oaktoberfest Oak Aged Lager

image of Oaktoberfest courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing
image of Oaktoberfest courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing

Through the years, Firestone Walker Brewing has brewed an Oktoberfest beer that’s named Oaktoberfest. Taking its name after the brewery’s hometown of Paso Robles that is Spanish for “Pass of The Oaks”, this year’s version joins the 2019 version as one that’s been aged on oak.

Over the past 16 years Firestone Walker has usually brewed Oaktoberfest, and on occasion it has packaged this beer in 12oz bottles and even 16oz cans. For 2021 release of Oaktoberest, it’ll be an oak-inspired tribute to the great Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest.

Firestone Walker’s 2021 Oaktoberfest Oak Aged Lager begins rolling out to all Firestone Walker markets this week in 6-pack, 12oz bottles and draft formats.

image of Eric Ponce and Matt Brynildson with Oaktoberfest Steins courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing
image of Firestone Walker brewers Eric Ponce and Matt Brynildson with Oaktoberfest Steins that can be purchased here is courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing

“Some recipes endure for a reason, and Oaktoberfest is a perfect example,” said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, in a statement. “We’ve been making this ‘Paso Festbier’ periodically for more than 15 years, and it has stood the test of time.”

In brewing the 2021 Oaktoberfest, the brewers at Firestone Walker decided to really live up to the beers name by lagering the beer in actual oak barrels. Similar to what the brewery did for its 2019 limited release of Oaktoberfest, this year the beer was lagered in French oak barrels from a premium Napa Valley Cabernet producer. The beer’s light amber color foreshadows its toasty, biscuity flavor. The oak-barrel lagering allows for an even smoother mouthfeel, all while remaining true to the beer’s crisp malt profile and hints of noble German hops.

“We lager the beer in oak rather than stainless steel,” said Brynildson, in a statement. “We have found, through trial and error, that the beer requires less time in the barrel compared to stainless, as there is more surface area and microxygenation. It brings a distinctly smooth, integrated character to the beer.”

A French oak barrel aging a 2019 version of Firestone Walker Brewing’s Oaktoberfest. In 2019, this release was a limited draft only offering.

The origins of Firestone Walker’s Oaktoberfest date back to 2005, when the brewery hosted its inaugural Oaktoberfest celebration. Ever since, the beer has come into periodic rotation, most recently as a brewery taproom only offering last year.

Oaktoberfest is best enjoyed with friends. “This beer has tons of flavor but it’s super smooth and easygoing, too,” Brynildson said in a statement. “It’s a perfect fall sipper. Grab your stein and enjoy!”