Firestone Walker Cans its First Barrel-Aged Beer – Parabolita

Firestone Walker cans its first barrel-aged beer - Parabolita. (image courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing Co.)
Firestone Walker cans its first barrel-aged beer – Parabolita. (image courtesy of Firestone Walker Brewing Co.)

After 26 years of brewing, Firestone Walker Brewing has released its first ever canned barrel-aged beer with Parabola – Salted Caramel. This release today is a line extension of the brewery’s popular Parabola – Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout and will be available in single 16-ounce cans throughout the Firestone Walker distribution footprint.

In creating Parabolita, the Firestone Walker brew team took its Parabola and aged it for one year in premium bourbon barrels, then blended it with a complement of Velvet Merlin milk stout to create a silky mouthfeel and a more approachable ABV of 9.2 percent. Finally, they infused the beer with Madagascar vanilla beans, cocoa nibs and sea salt to achieve a full Salted Caramel-style expression.

“Parabolita has the richness of Parabola, but with a creamier, softer texture,” says Brewmaster Matt Brynildson. “The cocoa nibs and vanilla accentuate the beer’s boozy caramel malt character. The resulting beer manages to be massive, mellow and drinkable all at once.”

Added Barrel Program Manager Eric Ponce, “The dash of sea salt acts just like it does in food. It makes the aromas pop, elevates the flavors and adds dimension to the mouthfeel.”

A bit of history on the beer that inspired Parabolita. The base barrel-aged beer, Parabola, was first created in 2005 as a component for Firestone Walker’s inaugural Anniversary Ale blend. Parabola has gone on to become an iconic beer for the brewery as it has garnered a 100 World-Class score on BeerAdvocate! It is definitely a beer that we seek out and enjoy whenever possible.

“We felt that mimicking a chocolate-covered salted caramel fit perfectly with the base flavor profile of the original Parabola,” Brynildson said. “By taming the ABV, incorporating new flavors and packaging it in cans, we’re adding a whole new chapter to this Firestone Walker classic.”

Parabolia is available now in 16-ounce cans at our online store and across all Firestone markets. Use the brewery’s Beer Finder to locate it near you.