Full Sail Brewing Releases Session Light, a Low Calorie and Low Carb Beer

Full Sail Brewing Session Light Six Pack

When a full-strength Session Premium Lager is a bit too much, Full Sail Brewing introduces Session Light. This latest variety to join the Session brand that began 14 years ago, is a craft lager that comes in at only 100 calories, 6 carbs and a low 3.6% ABV. Therefore this new offering from Full Sail is well positioned in the growing health conscious drinker.

Session Light is described as a Northwest take on a classic American lager, brewed with mountain spring water, malted barley, and Glacier and Sterling hops, all from the Pacific Northwest. The new Session Light pours bright, has a mellow, malty flavor, and finishes crisp and clean.

“Session Light is our craft-beer take on the light lager category and we’re really happy with how this beer came out,” said Full Sail Brewmaster Greg Doss in a statement. “It’s a great alternative for people wanting all the flavor of a craft brew without all the calories. If you’re looking for the perfect go-anywhere, drink-anytime beer, Session Light is it.”

Full Sail Brewing Session Light 12 Pack
Session Light is now available on draft and will also be available in 12 oz. slim cans in 6-packs and 12-packs. This coming spring Session Light will also be available in bottles in the Session Mashup Summer Variety Pack.

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