Full Sail Brewing Releases Shortest Day Cascadian Dark Ale

A pint pour of Full Sail Shortest Day CDA. (image courtesy of Full Sail Brewing)
A pint pour of Full Sail Shortest Day CDA. (image courtesy of Full Sail Brewing)

As we approach the shortest days of the year, Full Sail Brewing brings us a new beer to help us get through with its new Shortest Day Cascadian Dark Ale. This new CDA or sometimes better known as a Black IPA is one of the few new offerings in this beer style as its popularity has seemed to decrease over the course of the past few years.

Shortest Day CDA is currently hitting the market place in 22 oz. bottles and on draft as part of Full Sail Brewing’s Brewmaster Reserve Series. Sitting at 6.6% ABV and 57 IBUs. Shortest Day CDA is brewed with 2-row pale, crystal, and de-husked chocolate malts. The beer is described as pouring a deep dark black with a lacy tan head, with aromas of dark roasty malt and hints of tropical and citrus fruit. Shortest Day CDA has already won a gold medal from this year’s Great International Beer & Cider Competition that took place on November 4, 2016 in Providence, Rhode Island. full-sail-shortest-day-cda-22-bottle

“Shortest Day CDA offers bold flavor with excellent balance,” says Full Sail Executive Brewmaster Jamie Emmerson in a release. “De-husked chocolate malt imparts dark chocolate flavor while crystal adds depth and complexity. Generous additions of Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra hops lend flavors of fruit and sweet floral notes.”

When it came to the label artwork, Full Sail went with TWEEQiM creativeLab’s MiQ Willmott. Based in Portland, Willmott also was part of Full Sail’s recent rebranding. Willmott’s meticulous design features the Green Man—known in lore as the mascot of the winter solstice—fashioned from hops, celebrating the darkness of night and rebirth, as days begin getting longer again. “The Green Man’s crescent-moon smile reflects on the river,” says Willmott in a statement. “And the white stars represent the ‘winter circle,’ the phenomenon of stars that appear only on the winter solstice. Even the Big Dipper gets a cameo.”

“The symbolism of the label design draws attention to the well-balanced, ridiculously delicious ale inside,” says Full Sail Brewmaster Jim Kelter in a release. “Enjoy this Brewmaster Reserve selection on the shortest day of the year and any other day this season, while it lasts.”

Shortest Day CDA is only available November through February, in 22 oz. bottles and draft.