Gigantic Brewing First Taste Tuesday – Project Pilsner Crystal

image of Project Pilsner Crystal courtesy of Gigantic Brewing
image of Project Pilsner Crystal courtesy of Gigantic Brewing

Tuesday, May 11th 2021:  Gigantic Brewing is happy to announce the 5th edition in our Project Pilsner series, Project Pilsner Crystal. We are huge fans of Crystal, and are excited to show you what this old school hop has to offer our single hop, American pilsner lineup.

Our Project Pilsner series continues as we strive to share our love of hops with this line of pilsner beers. This time we are showcasing Crystal’s unique hop profile of floral geranium and fresh citrus. These hops exude a gentle bitterness, giving the beer a more classic Pilsner profile than some of our other beers in the series, yet still have a distinctly “American” character.

We often choose Crystal when developing our IPA recipes because of its beautiful aroma, flavor and low bitterness potential. With Project Pilsner Crystal, we give you full access to this bright, floral and citrusy hop. The result is an American pilsner that is delightful and refreshingly flavorful, made to enjoy throughout patio season and beyond!

The Project Pilsner series has so far included single hop American Pilsners hopped with Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic and Lotus. Look for more single hop varieties as the series continues and expands.

Please join us for First Taste Tuesday on May 11th as we raise our glasses to the refreshing Project Pilsner Crystal at both Gigantic locations at The Brewery and Champagne Lounge (5224 SE 26th Ave) and Robot Room at the Rocket Empire Machine (6935 NE Glisan). You can also look for it on draft and in 16.9oz refillable bottles in the Portland metro area, and along the west coast in CA and WA!

Project Pilsner series artist Bene Rohlman is featured for his bright, colorful style with nature-related themes, traditional art from native tribes, Mexican death cults, and classic Disney movies – a reinterpretation of “classic themes”.  With a shared interest of creating authentic takes on common styles, Gigantic and Bene Rohlman combine to focus on small batch, exceptional experiences, whether liquid or visual.

As always, Gigantic beer is packaged in BottleDrop Refillable bottles. BottleDrop Refillables are sorted, washed, inspected, and delivered back to Oregon’s craft beverage producers to be refilled. By choosing beverages in refillable bottles, you help keep our air clean, our beaches, parks and roadsides litter-free, promote a circular economy, and set a model for future generations.