GoodLife Brewing Releases Evil Sister Double IPA in Bottles and Draft Year Round

BEND, OR (Thursday, March 22nd, 2018) Expanding our packaged beer offerings, GoodLife Brewing is excited to announce the release of Evil Sister Double IPA in bottles and they will be available year round. Evil Sister Double IPA is created from taking the malt bill from Sweet As! Pacific Ale, and turning up the hops giving it the kick of a bigger, more evil sister but still drinking like its smaller little sister.

Evil Sister gives hop flavors of peach, citrus, and a slight herbal tea aroma that all play well together for a complex nose. This leads to a very balanced Double IPA that is a little of both worlds: strong and refreshing. Quite evil indeed.

Evil Sister Double IPA was originally brewed for the 2013 Oregon Brewers Festival and since the first batch, it quickly turned into one of our most sought after beers despite being brewed once a year. GoodLife Brewing co-owner, Ty Barnett, said “Evil Sister is one of those beers that people consistently ask about. With having had limited brewing capacity in the past, we knew that when we had more capacity this was going to be one of the first beers we added year round. We are excited to share this with all of our loyal supporters and we know Curt would be proud.”

You will be able to enjoy Evil Sister Double IPA year round with limited distribution in Oregon, Idaho, and Washington in both draft and 500ml bottles starting the first week in April.

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