Great Divide Brewing Releases Fastpack IPA – Low Calorie, Sessionable IPA

image of Fastpack IPA courtesy of Great Divide Brewing
image of Fastpack IPA courtesy of Great Divide Brewing

Lower calories beers continue to inundate the marketplace and the latest brewery to do so is Great Divide Brewing. The Denver based brewer just launched Fastpack IPA, a moderately hazy, low calorie, low ABV, India Pale Ale.

Fastpack IPA offers a tasteful blend of citrus, peach and other stone fruits with lively hints of white wine. This lighter, fruit-oriented flavoring is anchored by a generous addition of Cashmere hops, with Simcoe and Chinook added. Fastpack IPA has only 99 calories and 4% ABV, perfect for a day of throwing back a few beers.

Great Divide suggests the following food pairings for Fastpack IPA – grilled lamb burger; Thai green curry; roasted zucchini & pesto; cabot sharp cheddar; and carrot cake.

Fastpack IPA is available year-round in 6-pack, 12oz cans and on draft. To locate Fastpack IPA use the Great Divide Beer Finder.