Hopworks Urban Brewery Announces its 2021 Beer Release Calendar

Hopworks Urban Brewery 2021 Beer Release Calendar

A handful of new beers and many favorites will return from Hopworks Urban Brewery in the coming year as the brewery unveils its 2021 Beer Release Calendar. The Certified B Corp brewer will bring a new Organic Honey Porter to the market along with six beers in its Ace Series. In addition, Hopworks will bring two new 19.2oz stovepipe cans to market with Panda Hazy IPA and Powell Cryo IPA.

“We are so excited to release what I think is the best lineup of beers in our 13-year history,” said Christian Ettinger, Founder and Brewmaster at Hopworks, in a statement. “As a brewery full of hopheads, our new formulations are so tasty that I can’t wait for all of our fans to try every single beer in 2021. From fruited sours to Imperial IPAs and organic lager to organic porter, we’ve got all the flavor profiles covered!”

Here’s a rundown on the Year-Round Beers, Seasonal Beers, Ace Series, Hoppy Series, and Fruited Sour Series of beers to expect in the coming year as provided by Hopworks.

Year-Round Beer
After a massive brand refresh in 2020, Hopworks is introducing a new year-round organic honey porter, featuring artwork sure to create a buzz. The porter is brewed with organic honey from GloryBee in Eugene, Ore., and displays its Save The Bee program label, promoting funding for scientific research to enhance colony health and increase awareness of the role honey bees play in a healthy food supply.

New for 2021 as well, Hopworks will roll out an updated recipe for its Powell Cryo IPA, utilizing all cryo hops from Yakima Chief Hops and increasing the beer’s bitterness to 75 IBU, emphasizing the dank, tropical notes core to its genesis. Additionally, Hopworks has doubled down on Golden Hammer’s Munich-style Helles origins, packing in even more old-world hops to enhance its signature herbaceousness that perfectly balances a honey malt aroma.

Seasonal Beer
Classics like Hopworks’ summer seasonal Totally Chill Hazy IPA and winter seasonal Abominable Winter Ale will return in 2021, along with its spring seasonal Juicy Bear IPA, which will see its second run in February. Come fresh-hop season, Fresh Hop Abominable will also return with even more fresh Centennial hop flavor.

Ace Series
Building off the success of its award-winning Ace of Spades, Hopworks is launching a new line of imperial IPAs in 2021 called the Ace Series. The Ace Series will feature the return of Ace of Spades IIPA, Fresh Hop Ace of Spades IIPA, Joker Hazy IIPA, and Ace of Diamonds Black IIPA; new to the series will be Ace of Clubs IIPA in January and Ace of Hearts IIPA in May.

Hoppy Series
Hopworks’ hoppy beer lane returns in 2021, kicking off in February with a brand new Dank IPA named Giggle Nuggets, followed by cult classics Pig War Hazy IPA and Evelyn Sunshine IPA. A twist on a big hit in 2020, Upstream Salmon-Safe IPA will be released as a fresh-hop beer before the year closes out with a re-release of Sunset Fuel Hazy IPA, named after the building where Hopworks’ Powell Mothership opened, and Critical Juncture, a fresh IPA release.

Fruited Sour Series
After a sour year of sour beers, Hopworks has created a new lineup of sours to complement its returning pumpkin ale, Great Gourds of Fire.