Left Hand Adds S’mores Milk Stout & Black Forest Nitro to Its Stout Lineup

Left Hand Brewing S’mores Milk Stout and Black Forest Nitro to Its stout lineup. (image courtesy of Left Hand Brewing)
Left Hand Brewing S’mores Milk Stout and Black Forest Nitro to Its stout lineup. (image courtesy of Left Hand Brewing)

LONGMONT, Colo. – Left Hand Brewing Company, renowned for their stouts and leaders in Nitro technology, is going “All Out for Stout” this season with three new releases. The independent craft brewery is releasing two stout seasonals for a limited time, S’mores Milk Stout and Black Forest Nitro Cherry Chocolate Stout. After a wildly successful debut in 2020, Left Hand is also bringing back The Milk Box variety pack with a brand-new lineup of four different milk stouts. To celebrate these new brands, Left Hand is giving away custom-designed Meier snowboards to four lucky sweepstakes winners.

At 6.0% ABV, S’mores Milk Stout is your favorite campfire treat all grown up. “We went through a lot of trials for S’mores Milk Stout,” said Jeff Joslin, Director of Brewing Operations at Left Hand. “Our brewers decided on a unique grain bill to exhibit graham cracker. We used Cholaca liquid cacao because it lent the best chocolate flavor, richness of mouthfeel, and authenticity of ingredient. These ingredients all come together with toasted marshmallow to create the perfect liquid s’more.”

Black Forest Nitro is inspired by the famous German chocolate and cherry layer cake. “This beer is a true indulgence and weighs in at 7.7% ABV,” said Jill Preston, Director of Marketing and Hospitality at Left Hand. “In one of my favorite can designs ever, you get a glimpse of the tart black cherries and aromas of rich chocolate cake that exude from this stout. To top it off, it’s on Nitro. All those flavors cascade on a canvas of millions of tiny bubbles. Each sip finishes with decadence and our signature super smooth mouthfeel.”

Left Hand Brewing S’mores Milk Stout & Black Forest Nitro

In addition to these seasonal packages, Left Hand is releasing the second version of their fall-winter variety pack: The Milk Box. The pure milk chocolate bliss of their classic Milk Stout is richly reimagined four different ways. In addition to the inclusion of S’mores Milk Stout, fans of their famous stout can now savor the spice blend of Mole Milk Stout, cool down with refreshing Mint Chocolate Milk Stout, and luxuriate in decadence with Double Milk Stout. “Our fans keep telling us they want more Milk Stout,” said Jason Ingram, National Sales Director at Left Hand. “We’re listening to you out there and bringing this variety pack back. Whereas last year we featured a few throwback styles, this year, we are proud to release The Milk Box with an entire new line of four completely new beers.”

“We’ve had countless ideas for Milk Stout riffs over the years, and now we get to play with them,” said Joslin. “These four are the ones that the whole brewery is most enthusiastic about, and they complement each other so well!”

In addition to the new lineup, Left Hand has also moved this package to bottles for 2021. “As we continue to navigate through the nationwide aluminum can shortage, we are making strategic decisions on packaging,” said Ingram. The Milk Box was one of our most successful releases of last year, and we had to double production to meet demand. With the reliability of glass, we knew it was the right call to make the switch to bottles for 2021.”

In conjunction with their releases, Left Hand is encouraging fans to participate in a sweepstakes to win a custom-designed Meier snowboard. “What better way to go ‘All Out for Stout’ than to go all out with one of our Artist Series snowboards?” said Preston. “The snowboard is designed by Left Hand’s Graphic Designer, Carly Igoe, and they have this edgy, whimsical feel in a comic book inspired layout. They really match the energy and vibe of the sport, and four lucky winners will be taking them home!” Winners can enter using a QR Code posted at retail locations across the country or enter online here.

S’mores Milk Stout is available in 6-packs of 12oz cans and on draft. Black Forest Nitro can be purchased as 4-packs of 13.65oz cans and on draft. The Milk Box features twelve 12oz bottles, 3 beers of each style, and each style is available in limited supply on draft. Check out Left Hand’s beer finder for locations nearest you as these brands hit shelves throughout October. Click here for digital assets.