McMenamins Releases Kris Kringle Northwest Holiday Ale in 16 ounce Cans

McMenamins 2017 Kris Kringle Northwest Holiday Ale poured into a BREWPUBLIC glass.

New to the market this year are cans of the Pacific Northwest’s longest running late fall seasonals, Kris Kringle Northwest Holiday Ale from McMenamins.

Through its history that dates back to 1986, Kris Kringle spent a majority of its years as a draft only offering. This lasted until the past few years when McMenamins Edgefield Brewery began bottling the seasonal beer in 22 ounce bottles. Fast forward to 2017 and now McMenamins has begun to can a few of its beers in 16-ounce cans, including this year’s Kris Kringle.

This year’s Kris Kringle is definitely a beer worth revisiting and just as with other years the 2017 beer tastes fantastic. It’s a beer that exemplifies a Northwest winter ale, strong malt character that is balanced with ample amounts of Centennial and Cascade hops.

Kris Kringle Northwest Holiday Ale Stats:
Just in time for the holidays, the McMenamins Brewers have created another gift for your tastebuds! This year’s winter warmer is a hearty and robust ale with a big and bold malt complexity. Toasty, caramel and fig flavors make up its sturdy foundation while two hop varieties added in five different additions deliver magnificent and intense hop flavor and aroma. Happy holidays!
Malts: Pale, Munich, Wheat, Crystal 15, Crystal 120, Baird’s Chocolate Malt, Maltodextrin
Hops: Centennial, Cascade
Calories: 292
Carbohydrates: 29.0
OG: 1.068
TG: 1.015
ABV: 6.84
IBU: 87
SRM: 15

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