Merchant du Vin Launches Lindemans Variety 4-Pack – Framboise, Pêche, Kriek and Apple

A new variety pack has hit the U.S. shores from Belgium. Lindemans, the sixth-generation family brewery, has released a new Lindemans Variety 4-Pack featuring Framboise, Pêche, Kriek, and Apple.

Lindemans Framboise (2.5% ABV) is the best-selling lambic in the US, and one taste shows why: the deep complexity and aromatic sour notes from lambic fermentation are perfectly balanced with sweet flavor and inviting aroma of raspberries. Pêche (2.5% ABV), with a bushel of fresh peaches in both bouquet and flavor; Kriek (3.5% ABV), offering the deepest red color, pink head, and superb cherry aroma; and Apple (3.5% ABV), with an aroma that’s a walk through a spring orchard and flavor suggesting a perfectly ripe, crisp and sweet green apple.

Imported by Merchant du Vin, the new year-round Lindemans Variety Packs will contain one 8.45 oz. (250mL) bottle each of Framboise (raspberry), Pêche (peach), Kriek (cherry), and Apple (aka Pomme) lambics.  To locate these new Lindemans Variety 4-Packs use the Merchant du Vin Beer Finder.